Payo the Paleo Mayo review

It all began in the summer of 2013 in north carolina with founder of Payo Loren where he was on a quest to make his own version of healthy mayonnaise and it was crazy good! 

So good in fact that he had to spread the word about his wonderful creation which lead him to kickstarter and reached out to others in hopes they'd pass on his paleo mayo creation.

It wasn't until October of 2015 that the first batch ever of Payo was produced and that's how Payo mayo was born !
Ever since going paleo I've missed my love for mayo until I came across Payo's Paleo mayo online.

Mayo is  one condiment you can do so much with whether on sandwiches , burgers , as a dip or in a salad even coleslaw ! 

Payo is made with simple ingredients which you can find below 

 unsweetened virgin macadamia oil  organic free range eggs 
Organic lemon juice 
Organic vinegar
Organic mustard seed

Payo is also free from gluten and is non GMO 

The makers of Payo don't use omega -6 seed oils like soy or canola 

Payo has a shelf life of a total of six months and is bottled into jars that are free of toxins .

Payo mayo can be used in so many recipes whether on a sandwich with your favorite meat, cheese and vegetables , paired with tuna or even chicken with
slivered almonds, tart cranberries , crunchy celery, plump and juicy raisins or
egg salad the possibilities are endless!

Loren himself provided me with Payo to try out for review and here are some of my
creations that I came up with !

Prepare to have your mouth watering because this mayo was amazing it was creamy, flavorful from the macadamia oil and zest of lemon and made many delicious creations ! 

Egg Salad sandwich :

Ever since I was a kid I've always loved egg salad especially when sandwiched
between nice and fluffy bread with lettuce, onions and a little salt and pepper to taste it was a lunch I always looked forward to at lunchtime.

For lunch the other day I whipped up some egg salad to put the mayo to the test seasoned it with black pepper gave it a mix and then put it in a sandwich thin with lettuce , onion and avocado it was the perfect sandwich and paired along well with the sweet yet salty crunchy potato chips Loren surprised me with!

Chicken Salad:

For lunch today I made a tossed salad complete with beautiful leafy green lettuce , diced carrots , onions, cucumbers and layered the chicken salad on top that was a blend of tart cream berries, juicy raisins, crunchy celery , Payo and a dash of Tuscan seasoning with a side of plantain chips !

I've tried all sorts of mayo and Payo mayo is the best one ever I loved that it's made with real simple ingredients and not to mention healthy !

 You can purchase Payo mayo online through their website listed below !

Website :




I received no compensation for this post but was provided with The above samples to review in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own.


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