Arm & Hammer #BakingSodaDoesThat smiley360 mission

It all started over 165 years ago with Arm&Hammer baking soda which is a money saving more natural way to clean and deodorize your home.

Arm&Hammer is a better alternative than using harsh chemicals when cleaning because it's safe.

Arm&Hammer can be used in a number of ways not only does it clean and deodorize the home making everything sparkle and smell fresh but it's safe with kids, pets and makes the most delicious cookies I've ever eaten!

I've been using Arm&Hammer for as long as I can remember I like not only that they make the perfect cookie but how well it freshens up my home making it look like I've been scrubbing and cleaning for days, shh don't tell anyone my secret. 

Ah, Spring has sprung which means it's time to get down to business and 
break out all of your cleaning essentials to spruce up the house!

After all a clean home is a happy home and why not make it clean with the help of Arm&Hammer baking soda !

Arm&Hammer is not only used for baking purposes but for cleaning and deodorizing as well.

Here are some of the ways you can clean with Arm&Hammer

•cleans and deodorizes shower curtains 
•removes dirt and grime from bathroom floors
•cleans surfaces like sinks, bathroom tubs, fiberglass glassy tiles 
•deodorizes sink drains

 (See the mark underneath the faucet) 

Lifts stains from dirt, grass, sauce and even blood when doing laundry
•freshens sheets
•Carpet odors 
Freshens closets
•cleans and freshens stinky sports gear
•deodorizes garbage & recycling bins
•freshens pet bedding
•cat litter deodorizer 
•cleans pet toys
Even freshens up your dogs coat in between bathings

Recently I was sent Arm&Hammer's baking soda through Smiley360 for testing purposes and couldn't wait to start my spring cleaning!

It can be a lot of work when you try to do everything all at once when spring cleaning so this checklist sure did come in handy .

In order to do Spring cleaning a bucket stocked with all of the essentials is very important because it keeps you organized.

My favorite tip when Spring cleaning is to put on your favorite music and start cleaning it helps keep me focused on what I'm doing and before I know it I'm done cleaning!

I like keeping a bucket stocked with all sorts of cleaning essentials

•rubber gloves 
•bristled scrub brush
•mild dish washing soap
•spray bottle with glass cleaner 

Since I've started my Spring cleaning with Arm&Hammer my house has never smelled fresher and have been cleaner !

Thanks to Arm&Hammer the mark came right off from the sink with a little elbow grease!

Thank you Arm&Hammer and smiley360 for making my house smell fresh and clean!

I received no compensation for this post but was provided with the above sample for free in exchange for testing purposes only and the opinions expressed here are in fact my own.





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