Primal Kitchen Foods Review

It all began with former elite endurance athlete Mark Sisson making his fitness and health goals a priority in his life, by handing his running shoes in 26 years ago and never looked he back.

He then started writing best selling books in Health and Fitness.

Mark also created his own unique blend of nutritional supplements along with diet and exercise systems by designing his own website Marks' in hopes to reach out to others that are willing to take charge of their own life and health.

Mark's line of exceptional healthy goods Primal Kitchen Foods does just that they promote a healthy lifestyle by bringing the world a line of delectable high quality salad dressings and sauces.

Mark created Primal Kitchen Foods when he grew tired of those so called healthy salad dressings that were loaded with unwanted sugar and made a healthier one that didn't contain any canola,soy,sunflower, or corn oils that are indicators leading to many chronic illnesses.

Primal Kitchen Foods condiments and salad dressings are not only flavorful but rich in antioxidants, contain only natural fats, superfoods and high ORAC herbs and spices without any seed or vegetable oils and sugar.

His first creation was a mayo that is made with avocado oil in place of Canola or soybean that's blended together with organic cage free eggs, organic vinegar from beets and sea salt.

Primal Kitchen Foods offer a variety of healthy products that are free from

□ Dairy
□ Sugar
□ Gluten
□ Soy & Canola oil
□ Grains
□ Non-Gmo

Primal Kitchen Foods products include

♢avocado cooking oil
♢Dark Chocolate almond bars
♢Honey Mustard vinaigrette
♢Greek vinaigrette
♢Mayo in plain and Chipotle
♢Primal Fuel weight loss shakes in vanilla coconut and chocolate coconut

I can totally relate to wanting to live a healthier lifestyle I have to admit although it hasn't been easy it's so worth it from being overweight to losing 160 pounds then learning I'm living with hypothyroidism which has lead me to the Paleo diet.

Primal Kitchen Foods provided me with samples of their products to review to add to my journey on the Paleo way of life.

Here are the products I was sent to review.

Avocado oil :
avocados are my favorite they are a great source of healthy fats and wonderful in salads, smoothies, on sandwiches or even burgers and eggs! I loved cooking with the avocado oil it provided a slight nutty flavor that was like velvet and provided great flavor too.

This mayo was insanely delicious it was delicately flavored and is great whether smeared on sandwiches, in tuna , egg or chicken salad even salmon. 

Honey Mustard Vinaigrette :
Next to ranch honey mustard is my go to favorite dressing it's sweet, zesty, creamy and oh so good paired with chicken fingers for dipping! 

Greek Vinaigrette :
Experience the flavors of pungent herbs and spices that provide a touch of sweetness with a kiss of zesty lemon! Perfect for marinating fish or chicken! 

Dark chocolate almond bars:
Think snickers without the peanuts but Paleo and with crunchy Turkish Almonds, slow roasted pumpkin seeds that provide a satisfying crunch that's drenched in rich decadent dark chocolate and smothered in luscious caramel! 

I enjoyed trying out each and everyone of Primal Kitchen Foods products they were great in many dishes and the bars were  perfect as a snack or dessert. 





Disclosure :
I received no compensation for this post but was provided with the above samples to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own. 


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