California Country Gal Grain Free Mixes Review!

It all began with founder of California Country Gal Annabelle and her four growing boys in the comfort of their own home located in the California Countryside.

She then noticed that extracted starches that are popular in gluten free foods signify weight gain and grains are a problem for many people so she began tunkering in her kitchen with some ingredients that are rich in nutrients and offer a higher quality.

Annabelle's husband Tom plodded her to pursue her culinary delights and that's how California Country Gal was born.

I came across California Country Gal online and the products sounded not only healthy but flavorful and delicious!

Annabelle her self provided me with samples to review and I chose the sandwich bread and cinnamon rolls because why not they are gooey and delicious!

California Country Gal baking mixes are a great source of healthy fats, protein, fiber , vitamins and minerals.

California Country Gal baking mixes are available in

*sandwich bread
*cinnamon rolls
*hamburger buns
*rustic Breads

Ingredients include
Non Gmo blanched almond flour, organic coconut flour, organic psyllium seed husk, air dried sweet potato, sea salt, and baking soda

Free from


California Country Gal is

Low in carbs
Paleo friendly

So why are California Country Gal products free from starch and grains?

Study proves that whereas not all grains contain gluten it's still very difficult to break down and digest when consuming and won't digest fully.

Grains whether it's refined or whole breaks down into a starchy compound where it aids in diabetes and obesity.

People who have such health conditions like digestive disorders, allergies ,autism and even weight issues have seen a huge improvement in their condition when they've removed grains from their diet.

Did you know that if grains aren't stored in great conditions that they are more prone to cancerous fungal aflatoxins ?

Did you know that refined starches from rice, potatoes, tapioca, and arrowroot immediately turns into sugar when consumed as it enters through the body where your more prone to weight gain and diseases?

Cinnamon Rolls:
Sweet, cinnamony, buttery and so delicious it was the perfect sweet treat to an iced teeccino!

I loved how the rolls puffed up in the oven in all it's gooey glory dusted with sweet cinnamon , crunchy pecans and chocolate chips making one glorious dessert, these buns would be perfect with bacon to balance out the sweetness!

Sandwich Bread:

I loved that it required only simple yet healthy ingredients that provided great flavor and texture it was fluffy and made delicious sandwiches piled high with crisp vegetables such as onions,lettuce even peppers paired with tuna a little mayo and Tuscan seasoning.

Order California Country Gal baking mixes on their website listed below! 

I loved baking with California Country Gal mixes the bread was fluffy in texture and wasn't dry like other gluten free breads that I've tried.

The cinnamon buns were thick,.fluffy ,buttery, sweet, flavourful and made for the perfect dessert! 

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I received no compensation for this post but was provided with samples to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own.


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