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It all began with Founders of Fox Hill Kitchen's when Julie Fox-McClure and husband Hilary in Northern Vermont with their children Zoe and Owen.

What started out as a vegetable and herb garden lead to a passion for baking, she was also a chef and caterer throughout her adulthood and has a culinary degree from the New England Culinary Institute where she went to school.

Like many Julie had struggled with her weight it wasn't until the birth of her son where she learned of an autoimmune disease she had called Lymphocytic Colitis which lead her and Hilary to the Paleo diet, she started off by limiting her carb intake and slowly but surely more to Paleo where her digestive problems diminished and the weight started coming off and stayed off.

It wasn't until one day where she was set on coming up with a bread that worked for both herself and family which she came up with her own and that's how Fox Hill Kitchen's was born!

Julie and Hilary created their company Paleo  (f)×2015 where they began selling their buns to their family,  friends,  locals
and nutritionist with clients that have metabolic disorders.

Giving up bread seems next to impossible whether you are controlling carb intake, trying to eat healthier,  on a special diet or gluten intolerant .

Seriously bread is everywhere with their fluffy goodness!

It's there in the supermarket in the pastry case with it's sweet buttery taste saying "hey girl , spread some almond butter on me".

It's there at breakfast,  lunch and dinner in all it's glory just waiting to be eaten!

With Fox Hill Kitchen's you can literally have your cake and eat it too, OK bread for that matter !

Why, because Foxhillkitchens is free from all of the following


Foxhillkitchens are also

*Non Gmo
*low in carbs

Whether you are counting carbs,  diabetic  or have an intolerance to gluten or looking to  try something new then look no further than Foxhillkitchens!

Foxhillkitchens uses the finest of ingredients in each and everyone of their products they are simply baked with love .

Foxhillkitchens are made in small batches without any processed ingredients although their size,shape, and color may change but their taste does not!

Foxhillkitchens products are  delivered straight to your door frozen and thaw during their shipping process.

Upon arrival make sure to store in the freezer until ready to consume which will lengthen their shelf life.

If you are planning on hosting a BBQ and to fire up the grill with chicken,  burgers etc. Then I suggest on storing them in the fridge within a week of their arrival.

I came across Foxhillkitchens on instagram and was intrigued by their products I mean come on a Paleo bagel and buns!

I was sold!

Julie herself provided me with some of her everything bagels and buns to review along with their newest product croutons!

Foxhillkitchens buns are made with thr following

Almonds, egg whites, organic coconut flour,  organic psyllium husk powder,  organic apple cider vinegar,  sea salt,  starch free and aluminum free baking powder yeast.

If you have tried other gluten free bread and wasn't too keen on the dry texture then stop what you are doing right now go to their website listed below and order their products because they are bursting with unbelievable flavor and their fluffy like a doughnut!

Foxhillkitchens products  include

Large Awesome Bunz:
These buns were perfect for a burger topped with all the fixings , onions,  beet ketchup,  guacamole you name it it's delicious!  I liked the texture it wasn't dry and was great toasted!

Croutons :
Oh gosh what can I say about these crispy yet flavorful nuggets! ? How about pure genius!  These were insanely crunchy and went along great on a nice salad and even on homemade butternut squash soup! I liked the garlic flavor it offered the right amount and wasn't overpowering at all. They use the same ingredients for the croutons as they do for the buns but add in organic garlic extra virgin olive oil,  sea salt and pepper.

Rollz n Hollz:
The perfect kind of bread for soup dipping!  It was full of flavor from the seeds throughout each fluffy bite like an everything bagel only smaller!

Everything bagelz:
What I love is me a good bagel especially when it's an everything bagel toasted in all it's glory with their earthy taste of onions with the toasty-Ness from the seeds! Everything bagels are so full of flavor and
everything bagel toasted with egg,spinach,peppers, bacon,olives made one tasty breakfast sandwich! 

pair ever so perfectly with a smear of cream cheese,  butter,  jam or even avocado!
 everything bagel with homemade almond cheese and vegetables for lunch. 

Small bunz:
chicken salad sandwich made with cranberries,  Payo mayo,  walnuts , lettuce,  onion,  tuscany seasoning, side of veggies and plantain chips! 
Great size for a sandwich,  burger,  open faced pizza, avocado toast and so much more! It was a great size and toasted perfectly in the toaster.

Each one of Foxhillkitchens products were unique and flavorful in their own special way , not to mention healthy and  delicious!

Want to order Foxhillkitchens products? Go to their website right now!

Disclosure :
I received no compensation for this post but I did however receive samples to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own.

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