Kooee allnatural jerky trail mix Super Snacks

It all began with husbamd husband Shaun and wife Nat creator of Kooee Super snacks on a journey in search of the best protein packed snack that lead to the great outdoors.

They wanted a snack that could fit their lifestyle of swinging kettle bells and running marathons that was not only healthy and delicious but made with simple ingredients that weren't full of unwanted sugar.

So that's when Shaun and Nat tried their hand at making their own snack packed with protein in the comfort of their own home where they came up with an all natural jerky trail mix that offers tender grass-fed beef,  dried fruits like mango and apple with nutrient rich superfoods , seeds, crunchy nuts making one healthy yet delicious snack!

Shaun himself provided me with some Kooeesnacks to taste and I couldn't wait to bite into them especially after a workout in the gym.

Kooeesnacks are free from anything artifical , antibiotics,  hormones, added sugar and preservatives.

What I love about these snacks from Kooee is that they offer 20-21 grams of protein per pouch and come with a unique blend of dried fruits for sweetness with crunchy nuts along with superfoods !

Kooeesnacks are the perfect kind of snack no matter if you're on a hike, sitting long hours at you're desk or crushing that much needed workout in the gym.

Kooeesnacks don't contain any


Kooeesnacks are also Paleo friendly as well and are available in two tasty flavors which I will tell you about each one below,  so scroll down and take a look on what I had to say about each individual flavor.

Lime Pepper with mango:

Zesty Lime Pepper jerky with juicy mango offers a sweet yet spicy blend with crunchy nuts, and seeds. I really liked the kick from the pepper on the jerky with a touch of lime along with the sweetness from the mango that balanced out ever so perfectly it was smokey,  sweet, flavorful and delicious!

Smoked Chipotle with apple:
What's not to love when you've got both spicy and sweet!  To me this tasted like BBQ sauce but in the form of jerky mixed with tender juicy apples, crunchy nuts, seeds and bitter sweet cacao nibs. It offered the right amount of smoke with a hint of sweetness from the apple. 

I loved each flavor of Kooeesnacks they were both full of flavor that I thought paired quite well with the jerky and they made for one tasty snack! 

Check out where you can find Kooeesnacks at a location nearest you! 

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Disclosure :
I received no compensation for this post but was provided with samples to review exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own. 


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