ZazuBean Organic & Fair Trade chocolate with superfoods!

It all began in 2003 with a cluster of girlfriends who embarked on a journey to an island just off the coast of British Columbia.

Storage space on the bike excursion was tight but chocolate was the one product stowed away safely in each rucksack.

Later on the ladies discussed all things chocolate not only how delicious it was but that it satisfied their cravings for something sweet.

The ladies talked about how there should be a chocolate that everyone could enjoy being not only delicious but healthy as well and met their lifestyle choices for something to satisfy their sweet tooth.

What everyone wanted was a Fair Trade certified chocolate made with organic ingredients containing superfoods and that's how ZazuBean chocolate was born!

Not long after the journey Tiziana Lenna Co-founder of ZazuBean went straight to work in the chocolate lab but before she began reading up on the history of the diverse origins of chocolate and that's when she realized the components of certain plants and fruits for a healthy lifestyle while concocting all types of scrumptious chocolate recipes.

Tara Gilbert who also shared a love for all things chocolate joined the ZazuBean team and with her experience in social responsibility and business development reached out to a plethora of experts such as an herbalist,a Swiss chocolatier and food scientists.

They then searched the globe in hopes to find the finest organic, fair trade ingredients they could find to be able to make the ZazuBean bar come to life .

All of ZazuBean chocolate is dark mostly over a whopping 70% to boost health means and organically certified to certify that our food as well as the planet in which we live is kept safe.

ZazuBean chocolate are

●Dairy Free
●Gluten Free
●Soy Free
●100% organic
●Diabetic Friendly
●free from cane sugar

ZazuBean chocolate are unique being that they are made with the finest of ingredients and made with coconut sugar which gives them a delicate sweetness to them with their wildly creative flavors.

ZazuBean makes a variety of chocolates with superfoods that provide a sweet yet healthy treat.

ZazuBean Super Chocolate Bars

▪Nutbar (coconut & almonds)
▪Nakid (cocoa nibs & vanilla)
▪Lunatic  (mint & cocoa nibs)
▪Cheeky (Salted Toffee & Banana)

ZazuBean Coconut Moo-Less chocolate

☆Nudie (extra dark chocolate )
☆Sassy (Pomegranate & Hazelnut )
☆Saltry (Sea Salt & Almonds)

Other flavors include

♡Smooch (vanilla caramel crunch)
♡Hottie (chili & cinnamon with Yerba maye)
♡Flirt  (raspberry & cherry with avec acai)
♡Kiki (Fig & Sea Salt with avec coconut sugar

Whether in cookies, cake, ice cream or candy chocolate is my all time favorite from milk, dark even white it's velvets smooth, creamy and so delicious!

It even pairs perfectly with a cup of tea or coffee love the way it melts in your mouth with each luscious bite!

I came across ZazuBean online and was drawn to their whacky flavor profiles they sounded unique and full of flavors even better when I found out that they were made with healthy ingredients.

Cocoa comes from a bean which means it comes from the ground and it's like a salad,  only rich, decadent, sweet and oh so good!

Tiziana herself provided me with some ZazuBean chocolate bars to sample and I chose these two flavors.

crunchy clusters of coca nibs with a refreshing mint flavor enrobed in decadent creamy dark chocolate. Mom and I absolutely loved this bar because it offered a little something extra from the tingling mint sensation and crunchy cocoa nibs.
 It was smooth, creamy, crunchy, sweet, refreshing all in one delicious bite!

Bittersweet dark chocolate with a touch of nutty coconut sugar sweetness

Look to see where you can find ZazuBean at a store nearest you!

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Disclosure :
I received no compensation for this post but was provided with the above samples free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own.


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