Cho'Nanga Herbal Chocolates with Benefits

Cho'Nanga Chocolates aren't your ordinary chocolate they are chock full of nutrients to provide not just our mind but our souls and bodies as well.

Cho'Nanga Chocolates is ignited by two words chocolate and the term N'anga or Nganga which stems from bantu cultures in Zimbabwe a N'anga is an herbal healer and spiritual leader to it's community.

Produced by superlative herbal healers, Cho'Nanga provides a delicious concoction with medicinal uses of herbs with major health benefits along with decadent chocolate that makes one unique yet tasty tantalizing experience for your tastebuds.

Cho'Nanga chocolates are Fair Trade certified and sourced by hand with the finest of organic ingredients that don't involve any of the following Ingredients.

○Soy Lechtin

And is non GMO

Cho'Nanga Chocolates are so unique with their blend of creamy smooth rich chocolate, the crunch of their sprouted nuts, a touch of sweetness from dried fruits and earthiness that provide them with great flavor, texture and taste all in one bite!

Cho'Nanga Chocolates offer a variety of products ranging from truffles that are made with coconut milk to their chocolate barks .

Truffles :

●Calming Truffle
●Digestive Truffle
●Female Tonic Truffle
●Heart Health Truffle
●Mobility Truffle
●Pleasing Monthly Truffle

Chocolate Barks:

▪Super Antioxidant

I came across Cho'Nanga online and their chocolates sounded not only delicious but healthy to boot offering unique blend of herbs,  spices with crunchy nuts and dried fruits! I'm all for healthy foods especially when it comes to chocolate!

Cho'Nanga was more than kind enough and provided me with some of their products to review and try out their newest creation which is their cacao nibs coated almonds !

Cacao nib covered Almonds :
The Almonds were the perfect topping to the most delicious dairy free soft serve ice cream I've ever had it provides great crunch, they were sweet but not too sweet with a touch of maple syrup that were covered in cacao nibs!

Chocolate Barks :

Energy :
Next time your in need of an energy boost snack on one of these sweet scrumptious chocolates packed with nutty Almonds, matcha green tea and bee pollen .

Super Antioxidant :
This one was unique with a blend of crunchy almonds, pecans, bittersweet cacao nibs and earthiness from turmeric.

Crunchy pecans,  sweet banana with juicy tart cherries that provide the perfect blend of tart and sweet! 

Vibrancy :
I've nevertheless tried anything like it before this bark was in a word breathtaking almost too pretty to eat with it's vibrant pieces of rose and lavender throughout and slight crunch of sunflower seeds en robed in dark chocolate. 

Do your mind, body and soul a favor and try Cho'Nanga Chocolates you'll be in for a real treat that's both healthy and delicious! 




Disclosure :
I received no compensation for this post but was provided with the above samples free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own. 


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