Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt alternative Crowdtap Sampling

Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt alternative is soy based but offers that same smooth creamy taste and texture as dairy style blends.

What makes Silk Dairy-Free yogurt unlike any other is that it contains a total of six grams of plant powered protein in each serving  combined with  live and active cultures.

Silk Dairy-Free yogurt is made without the following 

•High Fructose corn syrup 
•anything artificial like colors or flavors

Silk Dairy-Free is low in saturated fat and is vegetarian. 

Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt is a great source of calcium and Vitamin D.

Silk Dairy-Free has also been verified by the Non GMO Project's verification program.

Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt is available in these silky-smooth flavors; see what I did there? 

○Black Cherry
○Tropical Pineapple 
○Peach & Mango

I'm no newbie to Silk Dairy-Free yogurts in fact I've tried them before and have to admit they are luxuriously creamy taste just like other yogurt but without the dairy and bursting with fruity flavor!

They are simply irresistible! 

I was chosen through Crowdtap to try out Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt alternative for this sampling and how could I resist their creamy consistency? 

I mean come on they are creamy, fruity, full of flavor and packed with protein plus make the perfect snack and or breakfast while on the go! 

Add some fresh fruit and Granola your good to go!

Before this sampling I tried the Silk brand strawberry and blueberry yogurt both were super scrumptious and bursting with fruity goodness a little tart and sweet which is what I enjoy so this time around I chose to sample their tropical pineapple and I'm not saying it just because it's summer and stifling outside! Ok I am pineapple is my all time favorite summer fruit it's tart , it's juicy and oh so sweet not to mention refreshing, how could you resist? 

As I took a spoonful I knew I was in for a real treat.

The yogurt was thick but oh so creamy and offered that same taste as regular yogurt. Then the burst of sweet juicy pineapple took me over it was like my tastebuds were on vacation! 

Silk Tropical Pineapple Dairy-Free Yogurt made for the perfect breakfast on a hot summer day with some crunchy Granola and freshly cut pineapple on top !

Which flavor will you choose?

Look for Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt alternative today at the nearest super market in the dairy aisle! 







Disclosure :
I received no compensation for this post but was provided with the above samples free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own personal thoughts. 


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