Tampax Pocket Pearl SheSpeaks Program

Summer is here which means endless trips to the beach with the girls for a day of fun in the sun, tanning, laughing,  sipping on cold refreshing lemonade and swimming to cool off.

Going to the beach is fun but not when you have your period especially if you are in constant worry of your tampons or pad protection failing you.

Trust and believe me it's not fun plus can be quite embarrassing.

You're friends just texted you and told you that they were on their way over and that's when you notice Aunt Flo has arrived.

You start rummaging around you're purse for a tampon only to come up empty handed.

The girls show up and notice that worried look that you've got on.

Girl you've just got your period didn't you?

"Don't worry I've got you covered, it's new from Tampax."

*Tosses you the new Tampax Pocket Pearl.

Tampax Pocket Pearl fits easily and discreetly in any purse or bag that can go with you virtually anywhere whether it's a night out on the town, the movies , school , work or the beach!

Tampax Pocket Pearl offers backup protection with it's unique braid which helps stop leaks before they happen.

It has a no slip grip applicator that's easy to use.

I put the new Tampax Pocket Pearl to the test and I am loving not only their design and the fact that they fit discreetly in my purse but how easy they are to use, mess free plus it's super comfortable.

Look for Tampax Pocket Pearl today in the feminine hygiene aisle at a store nearest you! 







Disclosure :
I received a free sample of Tampax Pocket Pearl courtesy of SheSpeaks for reviewing purposes only and the following thoughts are in fact my own.


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