Silk Nutchello Crowdtap Sampling

It all began in 1977 with the passion to come up with a healthier product that was free of dairy but still provided that creamy richness of milk in each glass of Silk milk providing us with a great source of calcium plus vitamin D for healthy strong bones and teeth!

Silk brand has concocted all sorts of delicious milks from soy, to almond even coconut free of lactose, gluten, casein, eggs and dairy without any MSG .

Discover the creamy taste of milk without the dairy in new Nutchello by Silk that provide a unique blend of toasted cashews, walnuts and almonds tantalizing your tastebuds with the sweetness of rich buttery caramel, coconut and decadent dark chocolate! 

Silk Nutchello is available in these three sweet, creamy and nutty flavors 
Toasted coconut cashew
Dark chocolate walnut
Caramel almond cashew

Silk Nutchello provides a richness that is like melted icecream so creamy and nutty it's out of this world amazing! 

Silk Nutchello is a nut based beverage that is free of the following 

•artificial flavors and colors 

Silk Nutchello offers the perfect ratio of both nutty and sweet whether you drizzle in coffee for a hint of sweetness or blend in a smoothie with your favorite fruit and or vegetable for a deliciously yet satisfying fulfilling on the go breakfast !

I received a sample of Silk Nutchello through Crowdtap to try and chose the Caramel almond and cashew blend. 

I love caramel it's sweet, buttery and gooey plus it adds great flavor to coffee!

I've made some dietary changes recently and have limited my intake of dairy and although it has been tough being that I enjoy the occasional yogurt, milk in my coffee or ice cream at times thanks to the Silk brand for releasing their Nutchello nut based milks, dairy free hasn't been so bad. Silk Nutchello provides that creamy milk texture with that warm toasted nut flavor from the blend of Almonds, cashews and walnuts adding a touch of decadent chocolate, coconut and caramel  sweetness in each glass! 


I knew before I took a sip of my coffee that I was in for a real treat it was love at first sip. First it was the warm nutty aroma from the blend of almond and cashews then that rich buttery exotic caramel that sent me into a sweet escape.

It literally tasted like a turtle you know the candy with the crunchy nuts, sticky gooey caramel en robed in chocolate! ? 

Well this tasted just like that but without the chocolate! 

Hmm maybe I could add a drizzle of chocolate to my coffee with a splash of Nutchello caramel almond cashew next time! 

So do yourself a flavor and head to your local supermarket in the dairy section and grab Silk Nutchello! 

You are in for a real tasty nutty and creamy sweet treat with Silk Nutchello nut based beverages !

Try all three flavors if you'd like! 

I received no compensation for this post but was provided with the above samples free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own personal thoughts.  








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