Shakespeare's Candy Review!

I love sweets whether it's something chocolate,peanut butter, caramel or coconut flavored candies or cookies you name it I love it! 

When I came across Shakespeare's candy on the web and saw how decadent and delicious looking their candies and chocolate covered pretzels were I just had to try them ! 

I couldn't make a decision of what I wanted to try so I told them to surprise me!

I couldn't wait for the goodies to arrive to see what I was going to be sinking my teeth into! 

I was ecstatic when I saw the box on the doorstep today and quickly grabbed my iPod to snap some photos before the taste testing began! 

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how decorative the goodies were! 

Rice crispy treat:

When i was a kid i loved eating rice crispy treats but this one right here is not your average at all!! I was sent a ginormous rice crispy treat that's coated with chocolate and showered with rainbow chocolate chips! What I love most of all is how they have their logo made of chocolate right in the middle of the rice crispy treat!

Milk chocolate peanut candy bar:

This candy bar was amazing! I loved the great peanut butter taste mixed right in with the milk chocolate to me it taste like a peanut butter cup but better because the peanut butter was ribboned all over the chocolate bar and laced with peanuts! 

Other candy bars:

Toasted almond
Mint cookie
Cookie crunch
Peppermint crunch 
Toffee and tripe chocolate 

They also have a wide variety of goodies ranging from pop corns to chocolate covered pretzels! 

They make the perfect gifts! 

Check them out here!



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