Lily's Sweets Review!

It's so hard to stay away from things such as cookies,cake or anything with chocolate in it such as candy bars, so that's why when I eat something like that I eat them in moderation . 

I absolutely love these candy bars that Lily's Sweets sent me for review .

These chocolate bars aren't your average at all they are made from real ingredients, chock full of flavor and works for the sweet tooth!

Goes great with a nice tall glass of milk or my favorite, which is coffee! 


Sweet & Chocolaty Facts:

Sweetened with Stevia
All natural
Full of flavor
USDA organic 
No Sugar Added 

Dark chocolate coconut:

I am a coconut fanatic especially when there is delicious chocolate mixed in. I loved the taste of this particular candy bar because the exotic sweetness of the coconut worked perfectly with the bitterness of dark chocolate and made the perfect treat! You can also crumble some pieces up and add them to frozen yogurt or even mix it in with your favorite batter for baking! 

Crispy Rice and Dark Chocolate:

I loved the snap crackle pop of this indulgent dark chocolate bar it was chocolaty and was the perfect treat! 

Original Dark Chocolate:

Almond Dark Chocolate:

I still have the other candy bars to review but I'm sure I will love them, why because its chocolate! 


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