Tarte Asian yogurt review!

I've tried all kinds of yogurts throughout my life whether its a Greek style yogurt or just light and creamy what can I say I love yogurt!
I usually layer it off with some fruit and granola and it makes the perfect breakfast or snack! At times though yogurt can be boring especially when there arent many flavors offered. When I came across Asian styled yogurt from Tarte yogurt and saw the interesting flavors they had to offer I just knew that I had to try them for review!

They sent me some of their yogurts with a cooler bag as well to keep them cold!such a great idea because I can reuse this bag to take to work with me or even the beach to keep lunches and snacks cold.

Strawberry guanabana:

I have to admit this flavor was very good! It was fruity not too tart or sweet at all. I mixed in some fruit with it and went well together. 

Green tea and honey:

Now I've tried green tea and honey as a drink before but not as a yogurt,to me it sounded weird and thought that I wouldn't like it at all but surprisingly it tasted delicious! To me it tasted just like bottled green tea mixed with honey! It was sweet but not too sweet and was just the snack I needed after working out! 

The original:
I loved this flavor because it actually tasted like vanilla yogurt even though its plain, at least I think it is. 

Blueberry acai:
I've tried blueberry yogurt before but nothing at all like this it's both sweet and tart and so delicious.



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