Maia Yogurt Review!

Whether I have it as a snack, blended up with juice or a splash of milk for smoothies or even with granola I have a love for yogurt and loved it ever since I was a kid.

I don't drink milk much, but compensate with yogurt sometimes even as a dessert along with almonds or dark chocolate!

I've tried many yogurts in my time and some were either too watery, too sugary or didn't taste like the actual flavor at all such as vanilla.

When I came across the Maia Yogurt website and saw the flavors they had I just knew that I had to review them! Like um hello they had pineapple! It's my favorite yogurt flavor like ever!

I was sent 6 coupons for free yogurts of any flavor of my choosing and also a t shirt with their logo across the shirt, how cool is that?! They must have known I liked pineapple because on the back of the shirt there is a container of the pineapple yogurt how funny is that?!

OK so one day when I went to Curves gym to work out and I wore my t shirt I received one of the members said hey, that yogurt is really good! She then went on and told me the story about how her and her daughter went to the market one day and Maia is also her daughter's name! How awesome is that! So anyway, they were handing out samples of their yogurts and even told the people what her name was and all. They also sent her a shirt too!

I love when I hear great things from companies and the consumers because it let's me know that they are passionate about making their products and also selling them!

So after she told me about the yogurt I knew I had to go buy it, she even told me where to find them!

So I went to Dave's Marketplace the other day and to my surprise there they were!

I saw that the shelf was half empty meaning that they just had to be good as she said they were!

I quickly spotted pineapple of course and grabbed a few other flavors as well!

I couldn't wait to try this delicious yogurt for myself!


I loved the pineapple flavor! It was pure golden deliciousness in a cup! What I loved was that there was no fruit on the bottom at all they you have to mix in like other yogurt brands which means it's loaded with sugar that you just don't need. It was creamy and it wasn't watery or too thick either it was amazing!

I can't wait to try out the other flavors!

Thank you for checking out my delicious review for this wonderful yogurt, and I've included their website and social media sites as well!


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