No Pudge Fudge Brownies Review!!

I remember when I was little how i would always lick 
 the batter off the spoon while making brownies, admit it you know you licked the batter either off the spoon or from the bowl as a kid . Such great memories in the kitchen ! 

Looking for a healthier brownie that you can enjoy and not feel guilty?

Give no Pudge fudge a try!

Wen I started eating more healthier I've made drastic changes to my eating especially no cookies or brownies because of the high fat content but all that has changed with No Pudge Fudge Brownies because you actually mix in yogurt in the batter!  

Read on and you will see why!! 

Made in :
Raspberry fudge


 I love the smooth rich and creamy taste of the chocolate along with the light and sweet flavor of cappuccino throughout this brownie mixture! I thought at first that it was going to taste odd because you don't use the eggs that you would normally use while making brownies instead you use yogurt! What a difference it made too let me tell you! I the batter surprisingly mixed well with the yogurt and vanilla extract it was amazingly delicious! 

The brownie experience:

I couldn't wait until the brownies finished cooling that's how good they smelled . Yes I admit I tested out the batter before the brownies was sent off into the oven and I couldn't really taste the cappuccino flavor but when they were fresh out of the oven they did and they tasted outrageously amazing!! It tasted to me like an actual brownie that I would normally feel guilty about!! It was bursting with flavor and and so delicious with a dollop of yogurt on top, almonds and a strawberry and just a dusting of confectioners sugar!! 

I can't wait to try the original flavor to see if it tastes just as good as cappuccino! 



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