Cuties smoothies and juices review!

I've heard of Cuties juices and smoothies  have wanted to try them for quite sometime now so I contacted them for a possible review and was ecstatic when I was sent a bunch of coupons for free juices and smoothies of my choice! I had a little trouble in finding them at first, went to a few stores and didn't find them !

However I did see some coffee and milks from CalifiaFarms that owns cuties and so would love to try them because I love coffee and drink it twice in one day and the milk would be great along with some fresh fruit and granola! 

Anyway I decided to check shaws supermarket which is closer to me and to my surprise they were there! It's funny because I remember seeing them somewhere and couldn't remember where lol it was shaws all along!

So I picked up some of the flavors that I found and couldn't wait to try them!

I just love the cute little faces on each jug of juice or smoothie!
It's healthy, delicious, fruity and perfect for on the go as a quick snack !
I give it a rating of 5 stars! 

Tangerine strawberry:

I packed this one along with a peanut butter and jelly Lara bar and it tasted so delicious right along with it. It tasted so delicious and wasn't too thick or runny at all like some smoothies can be. 
Tangerine blueberry: 

I absolutely loved this flavor it was fruity, delicious and not too sweet at all and was just what I needed for the perfect pick me up for snack time!



  1. Nice review, Kelli! Adorable bottles!

  2. I know aren't they just the cutest little bottles you've ever seen!!


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