Goodies company review!

I love monthly subscription boxes that you can order with products such as food ! With that in mind a wonderful company by the name of Goodies co  sent me some delicious products for review!  It's great because you get the snacks delivered right to your door! At times I have a hard time throwing together a snack to bring to work or even after a workout so this is great because they pick them out for you!

Shortbread cookie:

Mom and I had some ice cream to go along with the buttery deliciousness of this wonderful shortbread cookie and it was the perfect sweet treat to have for a snack! The cookie was incredibly good, it was buttery, sweet,crispy and tasted just like the cookies that come in the tin can for Christmas time but so much better! 

Honey Dijon seaweed snack:

I've heard of seaweed snacks before but never tried it because I guess I was sort of creeped out by it because when I think of seaweed I think of the wet seaweed that's on the beach eww! But let me tell you add this snack on top of some soup and its delicious! It has a very light honey Dijon flavor but its surprisingly good! I actually liked it! 

Pastitia's Garlic Parmesan pasta chips:

Pasta turned into pita chips ! No way this can't be true! My two favorite things morphed into one and it's so good! Doesn't offer an over powering taste of garlic at all and is just the right snack when craving something that's crunchy such as chips you can even dip them into your favorite hummus for a delightful snack!





  1. Yummy! Those all look delicious! I want so bad! :)

  2. Those shortbread cookies look amazing! I always though I would hate them, but they have recently become a favorite of mine. I always thought the same about seaweed until sushi.. yumm!


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