Chobani Bites Yogurt Review!

Eating healthy can get boring at times so that's why I like to switch it up with a different snack or dessert.

With these new little treats from a wonderful yogurt company by the name of Chobani they are sweet and delicious and best of all guilt free which to me is a huge plus!

I love how they took two totally different flavors and mixed them all into one for their new line of yogurt called Chobani Bites!

-Coffee and Chocolate-

Robust coffee flavored yogurt with decadent chocolate pieces mixed right in, blend it all up in a blender with some ice and milk and you've got yourself a frappe!

-Caramel and Pineapple-

Creamy caramel with juicy chunks of pineapple, you can even use this delicious treat for dipping with fruit or even chocolate!

I have a ton of more flavors to try and I just know I will love them !


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