Chobani Flips yogurt Review!

I'm a huge yogurt fan, I eat it for breakfast every morning layered with fruit and granola or as a snack.

I love how you can use yogurt for many recipes like in a baked potato (plain yogurt of course) on ice cream etc. So when I saw these new yogurt mixes from Chobani I just knew I had to try them because they are a bit different from their regular yogurts that I love!

How are the flips different from original?

The flips yogurts have delicious yummy flavors and have sides that you just flip into the yogurt or you can sprinkle as much or as little as you want with these yummy fixings such as almonds with dark chocolate chips, honey and oats or graham crackers with white chocolate chips!

Whenever I see Chobani go on same I rush to the store and stock up because it's that good!

I was psyched when I was going to be reviewing their flip yogurts and couldn't wait to try them!

Key Lime:

Cool and refreshing lime flavored yogurt with crushed pieces of graham crackers and bite sized white chocolate chips, it was super delicious and the perfect night time snack!

Almond Coco Loco:

If anyone is a fan of coconut flavored foods you are going to love this one just as much as I did!

Creamy nutty coconut yogurt with slivered almonds and dark chocolate chips make the perfect dessert and tastes surprisingly like a Mounds candy bar!

This one is one of my favorites!

Strawberry Sunrise:

Delicious Strawberry yogurt with a side of honey granola puts a great start to each morning, it's like watching the sunrise!

Still have some more flavors to try!

Be sure to connect with them on their social media sites below and stop by their website as well to see where they sell these delicious flip concoctions!


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  1. sounds great, will have to try

  2. Oh boy, they sound good! Love me some Chobani Greek Yogurt so more likely I'll like these. Hopefully my grocer carries them. Thanks for the awesome review.

  3. OOOO....These must be new! Look and sound so good!


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