Lara Bar Alt protein bar review!

The other day I received a surprise package from Lara Bar, and they sent me their new line of protein bars which are ALT!

I have tried their bars before and fell in love with them, they are delicious and works as a quick snack for after an intense workout or for an early grab and go breakfast!

Since I liked the ones before that I've tried I couldn't wait to try these!

The flavors of their ALT bars that they have and that I received are:

Cinnamon Apple Crisp:

Tasted to me just like an apple crisp, with the sweet cinnamon flavor it was outstanding!

Lemon Pound Cake:

I do admit this flavor was out of this world delicious!

I packed it as a snack today for work and it held me until lunch time which was perfect.

Didn't leave a lemon after taste either which was great!

Pumpkin Pie:

Whoa, now this one was so delicious!

I didn't even need some ice cream as a topping, you know because pumpkin pie and ice cream go hand in hand!

It was great just the way it was!

Great flavor, and another one I just love!

Peanut Butter Cookie:

I haven't tried this bad boy yet, but sounds like it would make a great snack or dessert tomorrow!

I can't wait to go shopping again soon, so going to stock up!

Thank you so very much for letting me try such another hunger satisfying product!


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