Honey Cat Cosmetics Review!

Whether you have tired achy feet or just want to soak away the worries of the day in the tub then these amazing products are for you! 

I know for me I love to relax by soaking in the tub with luxurious shower gels and a delicious treat such as chocolate!

So why not pamper yourself with Honey Cat Cosmetics bath products such as salts, shower gels and more!

They make wonderful gifts for everyone! They have a wide selection on their website of the most amazing products imaginable.

I was sent some of their beauty and bath products for review and couldn't wait for them to arrive. I waited for quite a long time but it was so worth the wait!

I was super psyched when the package arrived and was excited to tear open the box. On the outside of the box there was leopard tape wrapped around which I thought was both creative and beautifully put together, so wasn't what was inside carefully wrapped in pink tissue paper.

Love how each product had it's own unique name for it, and will explain them later on!

I just have to say I am both delighted and honored to be doing this review. 

Makes me feel a lot better when I pamper myself once in a great while with a luxurious shower gel, lotion or bath salts just makes me feel relaxed and ready to take on anything!

OK, the products I received I do have to say I love especially the bath products!

Chick of The Sea Foaming Bath Crystals- 

I love to take a warm bath after a long day to relax and unwind and what better way to do so when bath salts are thrown in? I thought it was so cute how the salts came in a can that reminded me of a tuna fish can! Simply purrfecttt! Smelled amazingly delicious of chocolate and mint, leaving a light scent on my skin and soft to the touch.

Cat Tails For Two Grand Marnier & Apricot Shower Gel- 

Wow, smells good enough to eat! Will have you oohing and ah-hing for more, trust me! It smells that good! 

Hiss Goodnight Pink Peppermint Lip gloss- 

Ready for the finishing touch for tonight's hot date? Swipe on Honey Cat's sexy sparkly pink gloss for a hiss goodnight! 

Whisker Slickers Warming Cinnamon Lip Balm- 

Is it hot in here or is it just me? Time to wet those lips with the sweet cinnamon taste of Whisker Slickers Lip Balm because things are about to get hot in here! Smooth it on and let the purring begin.

You have to check them out! You can order them online here!


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  1. I have never heard of these thanks for the great review.

  2. love their stuff.The fizzy bath ball is amazing

  3. This stuff looks phenomenal! I would love to try out some of their product! Heading to their website now!


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