Kim's Magic Pop Review!

I have heard of rice cakes and love them so when I came across Kim's Magic Pop Cake's website I knew I had to see if I could review them, and wow they send me a whole bunch of flavors to try both sweet and savory!

Popped snacks that are not only sweet but savory as well, and the best thing of all is you can add them in soups, salads, dip in salsa, or topped off as a dessert!

*Magic Pop Facts*
All natural
fat free and sugar free
no cholesterol
low in calories
low in cars and sodium

-Chocolate Dipped-

All I have to say is wow! Who would have thought something like a rice cake could be dipped in chocolate and taste this good? It satisfies any sweet tooth for chocolate and is perfect with milk or coffee!

-Apple Cinnamon White Chocolate-

Craving something sweet but not milk or dark chocolate? 

You should try this delicious magic pop cake dipped in white chocolate and showered in cinnamon!

To me it tastes like a powdered doughnut but better because of the white chocolate!

Sure is a light and sweet snack, did I mention it's healthy too!?


I love how it doesn't have an over powering flavor of onion which to me is good because it won't give you onion breath!

Works perfectly with a wedge of mozzarella cheese!


Whoa, so not your average rice cake like flavor at all!

Has a great strawberry flavor and tastes so good with chocolate peanut butter on top and also some sliced strawberries or even some slivered almonds.

Want to get real fancy, add some cool whip!


I've got a ton more flavors to try, so hang tight and will update you as soon as I try them!


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