Jimmy Bar energy Bar Review !

Since I made a change to my life which is eating healthier and exercising more I look for snacks that are healthy and will keep me full throughout the day and with that in mind, I came across these snack bars that are all natural and made with fruits and I just had to review them they sounded oh so delicious!! 

I was sent some of these delicious all natural snack bars for review and couldn't wait to try!

Jimmy bars  are packed with nutrients such as dates which are used as a base and their high in fiber. 

Mothers and fathers won't be dissatisfied in giving their kids a jimmy bar as a snack because their healthy and delicious giving them the energy they need rather than chips! 

You can eat it as a quick snack on the go with some fruit or even crumbled on top of yogurt which can make a healthy breakfast as well! 

Jimmy bar facts:

All natural
Vegan( super hip chocolate chip and no bluffin banana muffin)
Gluten free
Dairy free
No added sugars or sweeteners 
No additives or preservatives 


No bluffin banana muffin
Peanut butter clutter 
Super hip chocolate chip
How about dem apples

I was sent these two delicious and yummy flavors:

Super hip chocolate chip:
I loved the chocolaty taste of this bar, it was just what I need for a quick pick me up while working. Gave me enough energy to keep moving!
Peanut butter clutter:

This sweet and nutty bar was just what I needed for an am pick me up at work today! It was packed full of nutrients that kept me going and was deliciously nutty! 
I loved the texture of the bar and how it wasn't too crunchy or too soft it was just right and not too sweet at all. 

Check them out on the web! 


Connect with them on their social media sites as well !


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