Eclos skin care Klout perk

I was sent some skin care products from Eclos skin care through Klout because I am an influencer and taking the challenge to go bare with flawless skin thanks to these wonderful products!

I was sent 3 products total for this perk and will tell you about each one of them!

Skin prep cleanser:

all you do is just squeeze a small amount of the face wash onto finger tips and rub onto your face then wash away with warm water.

Leaves a dry feeling but this was the first time I used it since I've received this perk so bare with me.

Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream:

Facial cream that puts the moisture right back into your skin!

It sort of had a stinging feeling at first but like I said before, it's my first time with these products.

What's great about these products is you can apply them morning and night.

Daily Hydraprimer :

Repairs, protects and primes your skin aka sunscreen!


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