Mary Kay Influenster vox box

I was sent mary Kay makeup products through Influenster which is a site where you can take surveys to unlock badges and can test and keep products.

I've been a member for quite some time now and have been sent some really cool stuff to test.

Anyway this time I was sent makeup and products of Mary Kay's makeup line!

I've heard of the products before but have never tried them till now and I have to say I am in love!

I was sent a mascara, purple eyeshadow which I love!

Also the brush to apply the eye shadow, lipstick and mascara primer.

I am in love with the lash lengthening mascara it makes my lashes look more fuller and the eye shadow is not powdery which is good it's creamy and goes on pretty good and looked so good on me!

I am a huge fan of this makeup!

Here's a shot of me wearing it!


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