CalifiaFarms iced coffee and almond milk review!

I thought this was so cool that they had this painted on the floor of the milk section of whole foods! 

How cool is this!?

Whether if it's a scorching hot day outside, rain or snow I am always with iced coffee in hand!

I've tried many coffees that come already made at the grocery store and they just didn't have what I was looking for until now that is!

I came across these almond milks and coffees at whole foods from Califia Farms and I just loved the design of the bottles   Especially with their logo on it and I just knew I had to try them out for review!

I love any kind of flavored coffee and couldn't wait to try them out to see how it differs from other brands.
I was sent some coupons for me to purchase the products of my choice !
I decided to purchase mocha and cafe latte coffee 

Cafe Latte:
loved the flavor and it was creamy and sweet!

I absolutely loved the mocha flavor in the coffee it wasn't too sweet at all it was just right .

It's perfect with some ice and you can even toss in some of your favorite ice cream along with the coffee for a frosty tasty treat!

I am a huge fan of coconut so I was so excited when I found the coconut milk!
Also bought the vanilla milk as well.

Coconut Milk:

I love how there is flakes of coconut in this deliciously nutty milk!

Sweet but not too sweet and doesn't offer an overwhelming almond taste which is great!

You can toss some coconut milk in a blender with some frozen yogurt and fruit for a sweet treat!

Vanilla Almond Milk:

Great Vanilla flavor, not too sweet it's just right and tastes so wonderful in smoothies!

Which is just what I did in the picture shown above!

I tossed in some blueberries, 7 strawberries a whole banana and vanilla milk and it was just what I needed to refuel my body after my Curves workout! 

Almond milks:


Coffee made with almond milk:

Cafe Latte
Double Espresso

Sweet and nutty facts:

made with arabica coffee
Dairy Free
Soy Free
Cholesterol Free
Less Sugar
No Saturated Fat
Rich in vitamins B2, B12, D and E

They also have:

Orange Juice
Lemonade and 

Would love to try them as well, would be a refreshing drink for the summer heat!


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  1. The almond milk sounds great! I only recently started buying Almond Milk to use in smoothies and am still adjusting to the taste as far as using it in anything else or by itself.

  2. it's so good!! The coconut one is good, but will be making a smoothie with it very soon!!


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