Zep microwave miracle foaming cleaner Crowdtap Sampling !

Cleaning the microwave just got easier with Zep Commercials microwave miracle foaming cleaner unlike other microwave cleaners this one works wonders and all you have to do is spray the foam throughout the microwave then activate your microwave and let cool for a few minutes then wipe away the mess! 

I've been quite busy lately and haven't had time to clean the microwave so when I was sent this bottle from Crowdtap of Zep microwave cleaner I was excited, yes I know what your thinking who gets excited to clean? Me that's who especially when it's with a new product!
At first I was skeptical thinking yeah right my microwave will come clean in no time without me doing all of the scrubbing, especially since there was a tomato soup explosion which got caked on in the heating process.

After I tidied up the house and washed the dishes I decided to give Zepmicrowave miracle foaming cleaner a try so I did as the bottle says.

Before cleaning here are some Important facts:

Rinse throughly from food contact surfaces
Test the product first in an inconspicuous area.  

Step 1. Thoroughly coat the microwave bottom or turntable with the cleaner.

Step 2. Activate microwave for 1-2 minutes 

Step 3. Allow the product to cool then gently wipe with a cloth or paper

I was completely blown away with this product it cleans and freshens within minutes and you don't even have to do anything, it's like the microwave does all of the cleaning for you and leaves a light citrus scent.

Thank you so much ZepCommercial for making such a wonderful product my microwave has never looked this clean! 

Got a dirty microwave that needs some TLC, look for ZepCommercial microwave miracle foaming cleaner at a store nearest you! 





ZepCommercial provided me with a sample to facilitate this review for testing purposes all opinions expressed expressed are my own, however yours may differ. 


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