SweeTARTS Ropes Candy Smiley360 mission !

Have you heard of the website Smiley360 ? If not you should check it out, it's a website where you get to try out products for free and I've been a member for quite sometime and love it! 

I'm on the SweeTarts ropes candy mission on smiley360 and couldn't wait to try out the all new candy! 

I know you are probably thinking what is SweeTarts ropes? Well think Twizzlers but with a fun filled fruity center!  It's a rope of candy that's both Sweet and Tart bursting with a cherry punch core.

For as long as I can remember SweeTarts candy has been my number one candy of choice when I would go to the movie theater, there was just something about their fruity candy that I couldn't seem to get enough of! 

It was love at first bite with the chew of the licorice just bursting with cherry punch goodness I couldn't help it, I've been roped in!

I loved that it didn't offer a licorice taste that was overpowering and the fact that it wasn't tough to chew like other licorice that've tried. The licorice and the sweetness from the fruity center complimented it perfectly in this fruity chewy candy! 

Maybe it's because their fruity punch filling or the fact that they contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives either way they are delicious not to mention fun to eat so go on play with your food and get roped in with SweeTarts ropes today! 

SweeTarts ropes comes in a single and shareable pack.

Look for SweeTarts ropes at a store near you and get roped in on the fun! 

SweeTarts candy provided me with samples of their candy to facilitate my review in exchange for my honest opinion, however yours may differ. 





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