Minerals by AnnMarie !

Health advocate, author and Founder of Annmarie Gianni skincare Annmarie Gianni started rethinking the products she used on her skin and began researching them and what she found was shocking. 

The skin care products she used were contained with ingredients that weren't safe and under regulated. The products that claimed they were either all natural or organic contained hidden preservatives and additives.

What she found from doing research lead her to find a better option because she wasn't the only one that were using these so called all natural products.

She then came to the realization that if she wanted an all natural skincare line that she would have to create it herself and so she did with AnnMarie Gianni skincare to provide a natural skincare cleaning experience giving you a good clean feeling using wild crafted ingredients.

 Minerals by Ann Marie is a multi-purpose foundation with a non toxic formula to enhance your existing skin care routine with natural minerals that allow you to create a liquid foundation giving the coverage you need from a captivating glow to a flawless finish! 

I usually don't wear makeup unless I'm going out to an event or party in which case I wear very little mascara, eyeshadow and lipgloss.

When I was a teenager I would wear makeup all of the time but when it came to wearing foundation on my face it didn't blend in right which made me look like an Oompa Loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you know the ones with the Orange complexion yup that was me lol.

When I was sent AnnMarie Gianni's new product I was skeptical at first to try it out since I don't wear foundation.

What I like about this product is that you tap the foundation powder into the palm of your hand and only a little comes out whereas other foundations dump out and your left with a mess all over the place! 

Then you take the herbal facial oil and mix the powder together in a circular motion until you get a creamy consistency like coverup.

Then apply to your face until blended in, if you want for a flawless look add a little bit of mascara, eyeshadow and gloss on those sexy lips and your good to go! 

*Provides natural uv protection
*contains no additives

Go to AnnMarie Gianni's website and order your very own Minerals by AnnMarie sample box !

I was provided with AnnMarie Gianni's skincare products for review, my thoughts and opinions expressed are my own however yours may differ.





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