Square Bars Review !

It all began with husband and wife Sarah and Andrew Gordon inside of their San Francisco home. Sarah battled with asthma throughout her life and realized that eliminating inflammatory foods such as processed sugars, dairy, soy, and gluten freed her from medication. 

She hasn't had an attack since five years ago and no longer keeps an inhaler in the house. 

Square Bar began March 2012 at Natural Products Expo West which they distribute nationally. 

Square Bar believes that ingredients matter most which I couldn't agree more! They source only the most nutrient-dense organic and non GMO foods, working directly  with farmers to guarantee an ethical path from crop to bar. 

Square Bars Facts:
Offers 12 grams of protein 
Certified Gluten Free
Non GMO 
USDA organic
Soy free
Corn free
Peanut free

Square Bar Flavors:
Cocoa crunch
Cocoa mint
Cocoa cherry
Cocoa coconut
Cocoa almond 

I heard the word online that these bars are amazingly delicious and had to check them out for myself.

So I'm walking down the protein bar aisle taking in all of the different products they have and then staring right up at me were these bars in the shape of you guessed it a square with colorful packaging! Huge plus they were on sale ! I found a few flavors and couldn't wait to nibble on them after a good workout !

So here are the flavors I found ! 

Cocoa cherry:
When I was in high school  my favorite candy was chocolate covered cherries they were so delicious from the creamy chocolate coating to the juicy cherry in the center ! When I first bit into this bar that's exactly what it reminded me of except there was 
bits of cherries throughout each bite ! 

Cocoa Almond:
Loved the creaminess of the chocolate along with the crunch of the almonds in every bite! 

Cocoa Coconut:

This bar reminded me of my favorite Girls Scout cookie the samoa with creamy chocolate and coconut ! 

Check on their locator where Square Bars are sold near you! 






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