BJammin Energy Bars Review !

BJammin Bars is a mix of protein and real fruit carbs which gives you the energy your body craves when it has a need for it. It helps you get through a workout. What's so different about BJammin bars than other bars on the market is they went where no bar has ever gone before with real mouth watering fruit carbs, fiber and high quality protein that happens that be made with no junk only real ingredients. 

BJammin health stats:

Each bar offers 12-15 grams of net carbs, 11-13 grams of fiber and 12 grams of protein.

Trust me when I tell you this you'll want to try these bars, they are so delicious and I'm not saying that just because they have a jam filling either! They are flavorful, moist and taste like dessert! 

BJammin comes in three flavors

Apple pie Ala mode
Peanut butter and jelly
Vanilla cherry pie 

I've tried their other bars also known as Bup and loved them so when I saw they were coming out with these babies I knew I had to try them, I mean come on now who could resist such flavors as these with a fruity filling ! 

I went to their website and bought a box to try out each flavor of the BJammin bars and just waiting anticipation for their arrival made my mouth water, just thinking about that jammy goodness ! 

The verdict..

These bars are amazing especially when baked taking it to the next level in the dessert department but guilt free and insanely delicious ! 

It's peanut butter jelly time! Peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly! 
I've tried many peanut butter and jelly bars and they were good but they just didn't have the it factor until I tried this bar! It delivers that peanut butter and jelly sandwich like feel where you get creamy peanut butter and then that oozing jelly but it's baked right in the bar! It's outstanding ! 

Apple Pie Alamodome:

This bar was insanely good, it was soft and flavorful with an apple filling inside with cinnamon ! It was like eating a fresh baked apple pie in which I shaped it into a pop tart and baked it then added on some Truwhip topping, cinnamon and organic raisins for a tasty yet satisfying treat! 

Vanilla Cherry Pie:

Have you ever had a jelly filled doughnut ? This bar right here tastes just like one with it's creamy notes of vanilla and jam filled center! I haven't had a real doughnut in years so the thought came to me with this flavor, why not turn it into a doughnut it already has the jam filling! So that I did I took the bar out of the wrapper and shaped it into a doughnut and baked it to perfection for a few minutes then I drizzled on some melted cherry on top my coconut kitchen butter for the frosting and it was so good ! Loved that it looked and felt like a doughnut but even better it tasted like one only healthier and more delicious knowing that it wasn't fried ! 

Interested in trying BJammin energy bars then go to their website listed below and buy a box you won't be disappointed, I know one thing for sure is that I will be buying more! 



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