LyfeTea 14 Day Tea Tox Review !

Lyfetea is a company that strongly believes in feeling your best on both the inside as well as out. It's their objective to help their patrons by not only living a lifestyle that's healthy but creating one as well. Lyfetea products are made from quality ingredients that's filled with important body builders that help to eliminate fat all while improving one's overall body function. 

What's so great about Lyfetea?

Lyfetea is rich in antioxidants, rids the body of wasteful toxins while rejuvenating its cellular structure, the tea will help control your weight as well as aiding in circulatory function, it also helps you to focus while helping with physical endurance.

Skinny Lyfe Tea:

You should drink Skinny Lyfe tea every morning by measuring one tablespoon of your skinny Lyfe tea and putting in the tea bag, then drop into a mug of boiling hot water and steep for 5-10 minutes. Then take out your 
tea bag and enjoy! This tea is delidious and offers a sweet taste so you don't need to add honey or even lemon only if you want to. 

So what's in the Skinny Lyfe Tea?

The skinny Lyfe tea contains a mix of Yerba mate, ginger, lemon, green tea, guarana and moringa complex. 

Moringa Oleifera also known as natures "miracle tree" it contains 90 verifiable, cell ready vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega oils, vital proteins as well as other benefits. 

Moringa Health Benefits:

promotes healthy digestion 
Regulates blood glucose levels
Promotes healthy circulation
Increases energy
Heightens mental clarity
Promotes healthy digestion
Provides natural anti aging benefits 
Delivers anti-inflammatory support

Detox Lyfe Tea:

you should drink the detox tea every afternoon or evening by placing one tablespoon of detox Lyfe tea in the tea bag and then drop it into a cup of near boiling hot water for 2-5 minutes then simply remove and enjoy ! It's a very calming tea that you can sweeten with little honey or lemon. Detox Lyfe 
tea is made up of nettle leaf, dandelion leaf, senna fruit, chamomile, senna 
pods and senna leaf.

I've done tea cleanses in the past at first I was skeptical but it really does work along with healthy eating and exercise of course. 

I'm not really a tea drinker, truth I prefer coffee but it was just as delicious.

It's been very cold here in Rhode Island and I enjoyed sipping on the tea to warm me right up. I loved that the tea wasn't bitter it was sweetened perfectly and I didn't even need to add a lemon wedge or a drizzle of honey at all.

Joe Coffee Scrub: 

Your insides get a great cleanse with these products so why shouldn't your body on the outside? With Joe's coffee scrub it works as an exfoliator which focuses on skin conditions like cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, acne and pyrosis. It's made up of fresh coffee grounds as well as other natural ingredients like oils to soften your skin . It's been very cold here and it's done a number on my skin leaving it dry and itchy. I really enjoyed the way the scrub made my skin feel with a lingering scent of coffee of course! 

Even though I didn't lose much weight drinking the tea it sure did make me feel energized.

Check out Lyfetea on their website listed below! 

Lyfetea provided me with their products to facilitate my review in exchange for my honest opinion, all opinions expressed are my own however yours may differ.






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