Arctic Zero fit frozen dessert review

Arctic zero is a fit frozen dessert without the unwanted calories as well as fat making it a completely guilt free treat when that craving for something sweet hits! 

Health Facts:

Lactose Free
GMO free
Gluten free 

I love ice cream it's sweet, it's creamy and a decadent treat that beats the heat during the summer time, there's nothing like cooling down with a refreshing treat but who wants all of the unwanted fat and calories that comes along with it? Not me I like to enjoy a sweet treat but love to add a topping or two on top of my ice cream and Arctic Zero is perfect for that because there's no fat in their desserts except their chunky pint flavors. 

I have been dying to try Arctic Zero desserts for quite sometime now and decided to buy a pint one day while I was doing some grocery shopping. I went along with the chocolate peanut butter flavor and then just had to try their other flavors because it was just that good! Here are the flavors I was able to find! 

Arctic Zero original flavors:


Outstanding  chocolate flavor it's like that taste you get when you bite into a candy bar with that creamy milk chocolate! So luscious and sweet!

Chocolate Peanut Butter:
Chocolate paired with peanut butter is seriously the best combo ever what's not to love when there is luscious chocolate with creamy peanut butter?! 
This dessert right here tasted just like a peanut butter cup only 
healthier and frozen!

Vanilla maple:

Creamy vanilla with a slight sweet maple flavor it's delicious whether it's 
sandwiched between your favorite cookies, with some crunchy maple granola or as is! 


One thing I love is coffee, and boy did I love this coffee flavored dessert right here. I loved the rich creamy texture along with the robust coffee flavor it was sweet but not too sweet and so delicious. Coffee and chocolate go perfectly together so I added a bit of mini chocolate chips on top for a delightful treat ! 

Cookies and Cream:
Tastes just like cookies and cream ice cream without the cookie pieces mixed throughout each bite,
it's sweet, it's creamy, and is the perfect treat
on a hot summer day!

Chunky pints:

Their chunky pints are low in fat with a creamy like texture with chunks of chocolate chips, pecans and more

Cookie Dough Chip:

chocolate chip cookie dough has always been my all time favorite ice cream treat what's not to love when there's chunks of chocolate chips and how can we forget about the pieces of cookie dough in
each spoonful ? When I saw that Arctic Zero came out with their new cookie dough chip I just had to try it! I looked all over for it and then finally found it, I knew it had to be good 
because there was only one pint sitting there lonely on the shelf. I couldn'
wait to dig into this sweet yet creamy but chunky dessert when I got home. I was amazed at how
delicious it was especially since it contains a lot less fat and calories than other cookie dough ice creams out on the market. I literally fell in love with this dessert at first bite, it was so deliciously creamy and satisfied my sweet tooth. 

Other Chunky Flavors:

A Lil Bit Chippy
Buttery Pecan
Cool mint chip
Key Lime Pie 

Creamy pints: 

Arctic Zero creamy flavors don't just have a creamy consistency but offer 
fiber as well as protein making it a delicious fit dessert

Salted Caramel:
Buttery rich caramel with a touch of sea salt

Cookie Shake:

Have you ever tried a cookies and cream milkshake ? That is what it reminded me of when I tried this delectable yet creamy dessert! If you really wanted to get naughty blend it in the blender and add some of your favorite cream filled cookies on top with a dollop of whipped topping for a sweet treat that your tastebuds will go crazy for! 

More creamy pint flavors 

Orange Dream
Hint of mint 
Purely chocolate 
Toasted coconut 







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