There's #joyineverybag Glad Odor-shield with Gain Bzz Campaign

What's that smell?

Glad with Gain tall kitchen bags neutralizes the not so pleasant odors with a burst of febreeze freshness.

Stop me if this has ever happened to you. Your in a rush between making dinner, washing dishes and you notice an unpleasant smell coming from the trash can struggling with getting the bag out of the can it's so heavy it spills all over the floor and now not only is your dinner burning on the stove but your knee deep in a mess of trash on the floor. Thanks cheap trash bags!

It happened too many times to count but thanks to these Glad odor shield tall kitchen bags that I received from Bzzagent to try out for reviewing purposes only because they seriously are a lifesaver. In the Glad bzz kit that I received also came with an American Express card in which I went to the store and purchased some of my favorite cleaning products.

Here are the products I chose to purchase that are in the photo.

Plastic gloves for cleaning
Windex multi surface 
Seventh generation bathroom cleaner
Seventh generation all purpose cleaner 
Seventh generation disinfecting wipes 
Seventh generation dish soap 

Have you ever had guests over and you pray to God that they don't smell dinner from the other night in your trash bag? The humiliation when they ask ew, what's that smell?

Shame on you, you should have bought Glad with odor shield protection at least with them everyone would be saying oh my what's that smell is that your new laundry detergent, it smells wonderful like a burst of fresh air! 

Then you smile politely and say no that's Glad odor shield it helps eliminate stink with febreeze !

The secret to Glad with odor shield trash bags isn't just how it neutralizes odors such as diapers, food or whatever but the fact that they are reinforced bands at the top, middle and the bottom to prevent rips with the unique diamond pattern that stretches at the top to prevent tearing, the middle has 
reinforce strength bands adds strength while saving plastic,and the bottom has a thicker plastic for leak protection. 

The strong drawstring makes closing and carrying easier.

I don't know how many times someone has dumped a full cup of coffee etc. and then it leaks all over the place, I mean seriously dump your liquid out before you throw it away.

I will never go back to cheap trash bags again thanks to Glad and their durability to and everlasting freshness there seriously is #joyineverybag ! 

Glad Odor-shield also come in:

Hawaiian Aloha
Lavender Breeze 
Lightly scented
Fresh lemon
Fresh clean
Gain island fresh  

You can look for Glad with odor shield tall kitchen bags at your local retailer.






The Glad brand provided me with samples of their Glad odor shield with Gain for reviewing purposes only, however all opinions expressed here are my own.


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