Be smart. Eat Smart. With Snacks101 The first ever baked popcorn!

I'm a huge fan of popcorn it makes for the perfect movie time snack whether at the theater or curled up right at home on the couch.

You walk into the movie theater and the wafting aroma of freshly popped popcorn hits you and you have to have it the salty buttery goodness is just to good to pass up.

I get it the popcorn at the movie theatre is delicious it's salty, it's buttery, but it's not healthy with all that added salt not to mention calories, especially if your trying to eat healthier.

Craving some popcorn but don't want all of the extra calories and such? 

Meet the first ever baked popcorn from snacks101! 

What makes Snacks101 popcorn different than others?

Snacks101 popcorn is made with heart healthy coconut oil that may help lower cholesterol.

Made with 100% whole grain 
Gluten free
No preservatives 
Low in cholesterol
Heart healthy saturated fat
No un popped kernels 

Why baked?

Snacks101 is unique in their own way with their baked popcorn, not only are baked foods healthier for you but you can feel, taste and tell the difference right away at first bite. 

Why coconut oil?
Coconut oil has numerous health benefits like 

Provides immediate energy
Increases metabolism 
Promotes heart and skin health
Supports the immune system
Aids in weight loss 
Enhances thyroid function

I came across smacks101 popcorn through Instagram and I was immediately drawn to their health benefits and the fact that I'm a huge lover of popcorn! 

Snacks101 sent me their baked popcorn to try out for review and here are the flavors that they come in.

Less mess white cheddar:

Ever eat cheese flavored popcorn and you get the powdery yet delicious cheese all over your hands? With less mess white cheddar snacks101 
popcorn it's perfectly cheesy without the mess! 

Sweet and spicy Sriracha:

Don't let this fluffy popcorn fool you! First you get a touch of sweetness and then the spicy Sriracha kick that tickles your tastebuds. Im not a huge fan when it comes to spicy foods but I have to admit it sure was delicious even though the spiciness was a little bit too much for me.  

Smokey chipotle: 
What can I say about this delicious smokey popcorn? I thought it had the perfect amount of heat and the fact that it wasn't overpowering was a huge plus. I sprinkled some on top of tomato soup and it was perfect! 

Purely sea salt:
Only 29 calories a cup
What I loved about this popcorn was the fact that it was perfectly salted with a subtle sweet flavor from the coconut oil. This popcorn is the perfect topping for piping hot tomato soup, mixed with raisins, nuts, chocolate chips or right out of the bag for a guilt free salty snack! 

Snacks101 provided me with samples of their popcorn in exchange for review. However all opinions expressed here are my own.





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