Powerback Snacks Review

Lindsay Corak created a snack that satisfies your sweet tooth and is healthy for you packed with wholesome ingredients to keep you going throughout the day without weighing you down.

Lindsay and I both have something in common we crave sweets she developed a snack that you could indulge in without the guilt afterward and they are delicious. 

 When it comes to a snack it's meant to satisfy us throughout the day. With a high protein, low carb, yet all natural snack we can supply our bodies with the proper nutrients and satisfaction in which it needs to be able to halt ourselves from over indulging at meal time. 

The food industry has taken over our stores with unhealthy processed snacks, but with Lindsay's Powerback snacks they guarantee not only all natural ingredients with no preservatives but offers nutrients in which your body needs to maintain a healthy diet. 

Powerback snacks are great for fixing any sweet tooth and keeps it guilt free all while providing you with the perfect amount of fats, carbs, and protein to aid any nutritional goal.

Powerback snacks are made with all natural ingredients with no preservatives and they offer long lasting energy from natures super foods. The super foods provide the minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that we don't get in our diet. The antioxidant properties help prevent as well as decrease diseases.  They are made to revitalize and energize our bodies to be able to perform at our greatest potential. 

I came across Powerback snacks through Instagram and I just had to learn 
more about these tasty looking treats that are way more than a sweet indulgence but packed with protein making them a great snack after a workout.

Here is what I learned from Powerback snacks while browsing on the website.

Powerback snacks are made with

chia seeds 
Organic rolled oats
Goji berries
Raw honey 
Hemp protein
Shredded coconut 

Lindsay herself provided me with samples of her snacks to try out for review 
and I couldn't wait to satisfy my sweet tooth with them.

I have tried similar products to these snacks right here and have even made my own at home I do have to say they totally fix a sweet tooth.

Power balls :

Cranberry vanilla:

I'm so glad I packed this little snack to take with me to work it was such a busy day and I started getting a little hungry so I tore off the wrapper and took a bite,I loved the sweetness of the vanilla hit my tongue and the burst of tang from the chewy chunks of cranberries making it a delightful little treat to keep me going and satisfy my hunger ! 

Peanut butter:
Next to chocolate peanut butter is one of my all time favorites it's salty, it's sweet it's nutty, it's creamy it's delicious and is packed with protein. I brought this tasty little snack with me to nibble on after I got out of the gym from a workout.

Mint chocolate chip:

Loved the way that this snack melted in my mouth from the chocolate and it tingled on my tongue from the refreshing yet cool mint flavor ! 

Lemon coconut:

I wanted something light and refreshing for since the weather has warmed up so I created this fruity yet delicious parfait with lemon Elli Quark and then I broke the lemon coconut ball into pieces and then evenly layered all of the lemony coconut goodness into a glass! I loved the way the zest from the lemon mingled well with the sweetness from the coconut giving it a light 
fruity flavor rather than one that makes you pucker. 

Protein S'mores Blondie:

As a kid I have always loved s'mores from the Ooey gooey marshmallow center to the melted chocolate wedged between two graham crackers. Biting into this decadent Blondie was like taking a bite out of my childhood when I first enjoyed a s'mores I loved the melted chocolate to fluffy marshmallow ratio it was just right with the crunch of the graham cracker when you take your first messy bite! I topped off this lovely little treat with a scoop of salted caramel Arctic zero and then drizzled on some hot fudge!

Coconut almond cookies:
I loved that these cookies weren't dry they were perfectly sweetened with coconut and almond in each bite! I made an ice cream sandwich out of these cookies with some creamy vanilla maple Arctic Zero and it was phenomenal from the soft chew of the cookie to the cool and creamy sweet vanilla maple
center it was the perfect treat to end the day! 


Powerback Snacks provided me with samples in exchange for a product review, however all opinions expressed here are my own.




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