Finlandia Imported Butter Bzzcampaign !

It all began in the 1950's when the demand was high for embodied flavorful cheeses where it grew quickly in America. 

The cheese became popular in the finest New York deli's then grew into restaurants, deli's, cheese shops and supermarkets throughout the northeast.

Known for their quality as well as their superior taste Finlandia is one of the most highly regarded cheese brands within the United States. 

While they are well known for their traditional Swiss cheese their full line of cheeses are available in twelve flavorful varieties which can be found throughout the country. Finlandia cheese is great whether it's on a   sandwich or as a snack paired with crackers even your favorite fruit. 

Chefs as well as home cooks prefer Finlandia cheese to use due to it's robust flavors.

Throughout the years Finlandia cheese made an uncommon commitment to superb craftsmanship and pure wholesome ingredients that gained the company numerous international awards for cheese making excellence! 

Finlandia Cheese is a division of Valio LTD, where they got a reputation in dairy when it began in 1905 when seventeen of Finland’s finest dairies grouped together and created the Republic’s first dairy co-operative. This illustrious co-operative became known as Valio which produces more than 85% of the country’s milk, now how awesome is that?!

Under the Valio umbrella, Finlandia models Valio’s dedication to innovation that earned the company one of the world’s highest honors when Artturi Ilmari Virtanen, the company’s Director of Research, received the Nobel Prize award for his ground-breaking work related to Emmental swiss cheese production in 1945.

Finlandia continues to grow on it's passion and their proud custom for crafting cheeses of the highest quality.  Cheeses that are pure enough, good enough and flavorful enough shall bear the trusted Finlandia name.
Building on its century-long tradition of crafting the highest quality cheeses, Finlandia launched their newest product line, which is premium imported butter that is fresh from Finland.

I'm on the Finlandia butter campaign through bzzagent and I have to say before this campaign I had never tried their butter and let me tell you I am so glad I got the chance to because it's irresistibly creamy unlike no other butter that I've tried in my lifetime it's out of this world amazing it's creamy, buttery and delicious whether you put it on a bagel, muffin, while cooking and much more !  

For this campaign I received an oven mitt along with some coupons for me to purchase free butter in the store and also coupons to share with friends. 
What makes Finlandia Butter so special is that it's crafted with pure milk from family owned farms giving it that rich and creamy buttery taste. 

Finlandia butter was selected by the most tasteful French chefs to produce their famous baked goods and croissants.

Finlandia is the number one butter of choice for cooking, baking and eating.

 Finlandia Healthy Facts:
no added hormones 
Creamy and Delicious 
Made with non GMO ingredients 
Made from pure fresh milk from Finnish family farms
Made with nothing artificial
Kosher for Passover 

Buttery tips:
  • leave the butter out for about 30 minutes to soften and provide more flavor before serving 
  • for a delicious flavor and texture use in your favorite croissants and cookies 
  • For bulletproof coffee, use a spoonful in your coffee instead of milk.

Perfectly Salted butter:

What I loved about this butter was the fact that it wasn't overly salty it was flavored just right with it's rich buttery salted goodness.

 An idea came to me to make a dessert topping with the salted butter, salted caramel duh! 

I was so excited to make it so I gathered my ingredients and put them into a pan and watched it come to a boil, I couldn't wait to try it the wafting aroma of the sweet buttery caramel throughout the kitchen was making my mouth water sadly it turned into an epic fail it looked like soup. I did what anybody else would do I tried it again for the second time and it was just right. 

Unsalted butter:

Cooking with butter but don't want all of the added salt added? This creamy buttery spread is unsalted and delicious on anything imaginable from pancakes to muffins!  

You can find Finlandia butter at these local retailers nearest you.

Shaw's supermarket 
Market Basket
Shop N' Save
A&P supermarket 
Key food
Pathmark supermarket 



The Finlandia brand provided me with coupons for free products to review in exchange for my honest opinion.


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