Lovebean Dairy Free Super Food Chocolate and Caramel Spreads Review!

Spread on a little love with Lovebean Superfood fudge spread ! 

Lovebean superfood  fudge is a raw spread that is not only the perfect topping for any baked good but is also vegan, Paleo and raw!

 Lovebean Fudge spreads are made from organic ingredients and are based with coconut oil providing us with healthy fats plus rich in antioxidants.

:Lovebean is made without any of the following

*Refined Sugar

It all began with the intent to create the most delicious chocolate bar in Costa Rica where Mr. Lovebean was residing out by the breathtaking beaches, all of the ingredients were there but finding chocolate that was not only organic but healthy too was next to impossible at local retailers. 

He then realized just how much hard work went into making chocolate bars entailed so he chose a different route and concocted Lovebean Fudge ! 

Lovebean Fudge provides a creamy yet delectable texture and taste that any chocoholic is sure to love! It's thick, it's creamy, it's chocolaty, and so delicious no matter what you pair it with from fruit to ice cream it's insanely fudgey! 

Lovebean superfood spreads are available in four flavors

*Original Coconut
*Raw Chocolate
*Roasted Hazelnut
*Sea Salt Caramel

Growing up as a kid my all time favorite treat from our local ice cream shoppe was an ice cream sundae maybe it was the hot fudge and how it melted hitting the cold ice cream.

With each spoonful it had the perfect ratio of ice cream and hot fudge and what's a sundae without the cherry?

What's not to love when you've got thick and creamy chocolate fudge on top of your favorite ice cream? That's right there is nothing better first you get that cool refreshing yet creamy ice cream and that warm gooey rich decadent chocolate only with Lovebean it doesn't melt it hardens like magic shell only healthier! 

Makers of Lovebean were more than kind enough to send me samples of their spreads to try out for review and being that I love desserts I couldn't wait to taste them!

Here are the flavors that I received to facilitate this review.

Raw Chocolate:
Thick decadent rich smooth chocolate with a slighty nutty taste of coconut making it the perfect spread for any cake, brownie even muffins or as an ice cream topping! I was in for a real treat because as soon as the fudge hit the ice cream it formed into magic shell and for good measure I added in some chocolate chips and a cherry!

Roasted Hazelnut:
This spread made for the perfect spread on top of hazelnut muffins it provided a thick texture with it's creamy rich chocolate giving a slight crunch of roasted hazelnuts that were absolutely divine ! 

Sea Salt Caramel:
Rich and buttery gooey stringy caramel sprinkled with a touch of sea salt that will provide you with a luscious experience ! I added a drizzle of caramel to some dairy free chocolate ice cream and topped it off with a sliver of Hail Merry's Almond Butter Tart !

I enjoyed each Lovebean fudge flavor they were sweet but not too sweet and didn't offer any weird yucky after taste as other spreads do each unique and flavorful in their own special way!

So what are you waiting for spread on a little love today with Lovebean Fudge! 





I received no compensation for this post but was provided with the above samples free of charge to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own. 


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