GuiltFree Pastries

It all began with foodie and chef Brandon founder of GuiltFree Pastries when he discovered his lifestyle was far from healthy and was driven to lose weight.

Within 110 days he had lost a total of 125 pounds and later on in March of 2013 Brandon succumbed to an allergic reaction to gluten which resulted in him concocting recipes in which he could still satisfy his sweet tooth and remain healthy too so in the kitchen he went for a creation that was not only delicious but free from grains and gluten in which GuiltFree Pastires was born !

Brandon's first GuiltFree Pastries creation was a brownie that was made with avacado giving them that moist texture so rich yet so delicious without any processed sugar, grains, gluten or butter using both local and organic ingredients.

Since then Brandon added muffins, cookies and brownies to the GuiltFree pastries line!

Who can benefit from a gluten free diet ? 

A diet free of gluten is great for anyone studies have shown that it helps improve with allergies plus gives you lasting energy and treats autism.

It also helps maintain a healthy weight and can help one lose weight as well

People with celiac disease are ones who must follow a diet free from gluten so their immune system won't break down which leads to food not being absorbed properly resulting in malnourishment .

How do kids benefit from a gluten free lifestyle ? 

kids may benefit from a gluten free lifestyle by seeing an improvement not only in their behavior but overall health such as allergies have improved greatly and it also reduces their focus in the classroom

What are the benefits of a diet free from processed sugar ? 

A diet free from processed sugar helps lower the risk of type 2 diabetes , helps maintain a healthy body weigh and lessens the effects of ADHD .

Brandon's line of GuiltFree pastries are free from

*artificial flavors and natural flavors

GuiltFree pastries are made from both local sourced raw honey and organic ingredients plus they use healthy fats with avacado and coconut oil in their delectable treats providing us with phenomenal taste, texture and flavor !

GuiltFree pastries are made with coconut oil and avacado oil rather than butter because it helps rev up the body's digestive system increasing weight loss and helping maintain a healthy weight as well.

GuiltFree Pastries also provides a personalized meal plan for you to follow plus personal fitness training and cooking classes.

I love sweets from brownies to cookies so delectable being the perfect indulgence with a refreshing ice cold coffee. I'm always looking for ways to satisfy my sweet tooth so when I stumbled across Brandon's GuiltFree pastries line I thought what better way to satisfy a craving for something sweet yet healthy too ?

I couldn't have been more excited when Brandon himself provided me with his pastries to try for review especially since I was the first ever long distance food blogger to do so !

Avacado brownie:

so moist, rich, with it's gooey fudge like texture that was super chocolaty and perfect on an ice cream sundae with a sprinkling of more chocolate of course .

The caramel brownie is made from medjool dates providing rich buttery
caramel sweetness and chocolate chips resulting in one sweet indulgence.

Cinnamon banana cookie:

This cookie was so delicious the banana provided both great texture and flavor so moist slightly sweet perfectly balanced with the essence of cinnamon and the perfect touch were the creamy melt in your mouth chocolate chips! 

Vegan chocolate chip cookies:

These bite sized cookies provided a nutty flavor being made from almond flour it was moist, chewy, chocolaty, creamy, sweet, yet nutty making it the perfect topping for ice cream and with milk for 

I enjoyed satisfying my sweet tooth and providing my body with a tasty treat that I didn't have to feel guilt for eating afterward each pastry offered the perfect amount of sweetness 
providing a texture that was so moist literally melting in your mouth ! I loved that GuiltFree pastries are made with simple ingredients and didn't offer a dry texture unlike other gluten free products I've tried they were moist and bursting with flavor .

I received no compensation for this post but was provided with the above sample to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own.



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