The Sanctuary At Soledad Goats Vegan cheese Review

It all began with Violet the goat who won over the hearts of Goat cheese farmer Carol and Julian Pearce being the very last baby to be born on their farm, they couldn't fathom the idea of bringing in anymore into the world with so many animals who are in desperate need of help and with that being said The Sanctuary Of Soledad is now the proud home to over 100 horses, pigs, dogs, chickens, turkeys and goats that have been rescued.

The Sanctuary at Soledad goat cheese is made without any animal products, gums, or carrageenan.

Their unique yet creamy blend of cheese is sourced from plants using the finest of ingredients that are all natural and non GMO.

What makes The Sanctuary at Soledad vegan cheese so unique is their unique blend of nuts that they are made with such as pine nuts, macadamia and cashews providing you with a rich and creamy texture like the real thing without the dairy!

The Sanctuary at Soledad offers 12 flavors of cheeses to choose from that add both great texture and flavor to any sandwich, pizza, burger, salad and so much more ! 

Spreadable cheeses:

*Chevre Truffle
*Chevre Peppper
*Chevre Plain
*Cheddar Sweet Pepper
*Cheddar Spicy
*Cheddar Pub style
*Cheddar Plain

Other cheeses:

American style
American style spicy
American sweet pepper

There's nothing better than a bagel toasted to perfection for breakfast with a smear of cream cheese on top and these cheeses from Soledad make the perfect spread to any bagel it's creamy like cream cheese but adds great flavor with it's unique blend of nuts, herbs and spices! 

Mikey's muffin toasted to perfection with a smear of Chèvre garlic and herb with crumbled bacon, sliced cucumber and fresh strawberries 

I love cheese whether it's cheddar, Parmesan, sweet or savory but me and dairy lately just don't get along so when I came across The Sanctuary at Soledad I was sold ! 

I mean hello a spreadable cream cheese made from nuts ?! 

You'd imagine my excitement when I received an assortment of their spreadable vegan cheeses to review just thinking of all the ways I could savor each and every one of their creamy texture was endless from crackers , to sandwiches even burgers! 

Here are the flavors I was provided with to review and my thoughts on each one.

Cheddar Plain:

offers a unique blend of cashews, probiotics, nutritional yeast, mustard powder, Himalayan mountain salt, canola oil and agar. Provides a creamy texture with a hint of sharpness to it perfect on burgers, crackers even on pizza. Here we have a Mikey's English muffin pizza with spinach, cheddar cheese and chicken 

Cheddar Pub Style:
made with the same ingredients as the plain cheddar but with arrogant bastard beer giving it a bit of a bite to it making it the perfect cheese served with pretzels like those soft ones you'd get at the mall sprinkled with salt and golden brown ! I never really cared for the taste of beer but this cheese was delicious it was creamy and not overpowering in the beer flavor department.

Cheddar Sweet Pepper:

made with the same ingredients as the plain but the shallots and peppers give it 
a nice sweetness making it the perfect cheese on grilled cheese I loved the sweetness from the shallots and peppers along with the creaminess of the cheese .

Garlic and Herb: I absolutely loved this cheese it offered a chive cream cheese like taste to it being flavored with garlic, cilantro, and parsley it was super tasty in scrambled eggs, omelettes, bagels and much more ! 

Cheddar Jalapeño:

made with the same ingredients as the plain cheddar only with a kick from 
habanero and jalapeño peppers adding a great amount of spice to burgers! I loved that it was spicy but not too spicy which for me is huge since I'm not a fan of foods that are overly hot it was creamy and delicious! 

Chèvre plain: made with cashews , probiotic, Himalayan mountain salt reminded me of a plain cream cheese only nut based and so good it went along great on toasted English muffins, bagels and crackers too! 

Chèvre Truffle:

made with the same ingredients as plain but seasoned with truffle oil, dill, fresh garlic, cilantro and nutritional yeast. I loved both the taste and texture of this cheese it was creamy, flavorful and delicious I added some to an omelette for breakfast with chopped onions, spinach and olives on occasion and burgers too ! 

Chèvre pepper:

sourced from the same ingredients as plain with a twist of cracked black pepper and a pinch of nutritional yeast providing a creamy texture and bit of kick from the black pepper

I enjoyed each and every flavor of The Sanctuary at Soledad vegan cheeses they were creamy yet unique in their own special way the herbs and spices went together so perfectly.

The Sanctuary at Soledad isn't just about their vegan cheeses either they make chocolate bars and hand soaps too ! 

Purchase their Vegan Cheeses today online ! 

I received no compensation for this post but was provided with the above samples free of charge to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own . 


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