SweetNote Bakery Gluten Free & Allergen Free Bagels

It all began with Michelle and the "crazy bagelers" when their family members were diagnosed with food allergies and celiac disease . 

They wanted that authentic New York style bagel only without the gluten and other allergens and after many failed attempts sweetnote bagels was born ! 

SweetNote bagels aren't only free from gluten but other allergens 


SweetNote makes their authentic bagels with simple ingredients 

Flour blend
Psyllium husk
Olive oil

Sweet note bagels are free from additives , certified kosher and non GMO 

Sweetnote  bagels offer that authentic New York style bagel feel and taste from their crispy flaky crust on the outside with that soft chewy center on the inside .

With SweetNote bagels you can find a variety of flavors ranging from sweet to savory which include 

Cinnamon raisin 
French toast 
Tomato basil
Garlic & Herb 

There's nothing like a crispy flaky bagel with a warm fluffy center toasted to perfection smeared with cream cheese making the perfect way to start off the morning ! 

Bagels are great whether toasted with butter, jam, peanut butter or as a sandwich piled high with your favorite vegetables, meat and cheese ! 

It sure has been awhile since I've enjoyed a New York style bagel until I received a package of SweetNote bagels to try and I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into their warm flaky crust ! 

SweetNote provided me with their classic flavors

Everything but the kitchen sink: 

My favorite bagel is the everything bagel it provides great flavor from the minced onion  pungent aroma of garlic and nuttiness of poppy seeds . The possibilities are endless with the everything bagel from butter, cream cheese, hummus or even as a breakfast sandwich with eggs, cheese, ham, bacon or even avocado for a delicious breakfast or lunch ! 

Plain :

With the classic plain bagel it's so versatile from sweet to savory that is sure to delight your palette with whatever you choose whether it'd be in the form of pizza with tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni or smeared with cream cheese, peanut butter and much more ! 

Cinnamon Raisin:

Plump juicy raisins provide the perfect amount of sweetness with a touch of cinnamon in the most delectable way possible. You'll be in for a real treat if you add your favorite nut butter and fruit such as peanut butter and banana with a sprinkling of chocolate chips or fresh strawberries ! 

You can find SweetNote bagels in your grocers freezer at a store nearest you ! 

With SweetNote bagels there was no flavor that I favored over the other each one was delicious and unique in their own special way providing that authenticity of a New York style bagel with it's crispy soft crust they were the perfect way to start the morning off delicately smeared with sweet or savory pairings and made wonderful sandwiches.

I received no compensation for this post but was provided with the above samples to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own.






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