Poland Spring brand Sparkling Waters 7 Day Challenge with smiley360

It all began when a glacier made it's way into the ocean nestling in Maine over 20,000 years ago where it was safely tucked into the land materializing into natural springs.

Before that let's go way back to a time before Poland Spring became a well known water brand it started as an inn owned and run by the Ricker family in 1797 who was the first person to ever take a sip of the fresh and clean water from it's natural source and noticed just how refreshing it was !

Hydration is so important especially when it's the summer time and super hot out, I can't stress that enough whether you are laying on the beach , riding a bike, jogging etc. drinking water is key it's refreshing and also quenches thirst! 

What better way to help beat the heat than with a burst of fun and fruity flavors from Poland Springs brand of sparkling waters?

I'm on the 7 day challenge with Poland Spring and smiley360 where I'm replenishing my my body with Poland Spring Sparkling water twice a day for seven days to see what happens and believe me when I tell you I couldn't have been on this challenge at a better time because we are in the middle of a heat wave! 

It's been super hot out this summer and the only way to keep me going strong is with water, it keeps me hydrated on the most hottest days but with a burst of flavor thanks to Poland Spring brand sparkling water that contains a natural fruit flavor, bubbles, and spring water without any artificial ingredients, calories or sugar ! 

Did I mention that they are available in refreshing fruity flavors which makes them a much better choice than any sugar laden beverage like juice and or soda !

You can find Poland Spring brand Sparkling waters in the water aisle at your local grocery store in fruity flavors like

Black cherry
Raspberry lime 
Mandarin orange
Cucumber melon
Ruby red grapefruit
Coconut pineapple
and more !

For the Poland spring brand sparkling water mission I received two free product coupons to purchase waters of my choosing along with a reusable bag and the flavors I chose were original and strawberry. 

I loved the fresh picked taste of sun ripened strawberries with each bubbly sip it was clean, fruity and so refreshing.

If you aren't into fruity drinks then the original is a great choice it's still refreshing and delicious ! 

As I was approaching the end of the seven day challenge with Poland Spring sparkling waters I noticed a difference in my cravings for ice cream and I'm drinking water a lot more now than I was before which is a good thing because I don't think I was getting enough.

Which flavor will you choose ?!

I received no compensation for this post but was provided with the above samples to review in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own. 






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