Litlsquirts natural fruit juice review!

Ever wonder what's in your juices that you and your kids consume on a daily basis at breakfast time?

It's time to rethink your drink people, most drinks have an average of a days worth of sugar in them which we all could cut back on very easily by switching just one drink a day with litlsquirts whether it be soda or sports drink!
Litlsquirts  sent me some of their flavorful spring waters for a review!

I couldn't wait to try them!

I opened them right away and took a taste from each one of them!

I couldn't believe how great they tasted, and it tasted just like one of those junk drinks we all secretly love!

Blueberry apple: 
absolutely loved the taste, to me it tasted like a grape juice without all those nasty chemicals that our bodies don't need!great flavor and a juice that kids will love!

Raspberry apple: 
great taste! Tasted just like juicy juice !

Blueberry lemonade: 
delicious blueberry flavor with a hint of lemon on the tip of your tongue!


Less than 90 calories per bottle of fruity goodness 
Portion controlled 
Made with clean and pure Maine spring water
Low in sodium
Great for kids
Naturally sweetened 
When I came across these drinks I just knew I had to try them because not only are they healthy but they are flavored and that's what I love especially when it's water because sometimes plain old water can get pretty boring and tasteless!

Loved that they aren't too sugary and are the perfect size for grabbing one on the go!





  1. Juices are very good for health. I also drink juice daily in the breakfast.

    Mangosteen Juice


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