Shakeology Review!

All of you may know that I have been on a mission to lose weight and have been very successful at it!

I was always overweight and almost two years ago I made a life changing choice and joined curves gym!

It was the best choice I've ever made because not only did it make me lose weight but it made me look and feel so much better about myself too.

I have lost a total of 94 pounds and I'm so proud, who would have thought that healthy eating and exercise could do so much!

Your probably thinking how does she do it?

Does she get sick of eating the same thing?

Truth is I change it up a bit so I'm not eating the same thing day after day, even with exercising!

I was ecstatic when I was contacted by Sheryl Plouffe because she is an extraordinary fitness business expert and sent me some of these delicious shakes by Shakeology to try out!

I absolutely love smoothies and for quite sometime I've been drinking them for breakfast, so when I was sent the samples I couldn't wait to try them out!

I found some recipes using shakeology on Pinterest and couldn't wait to mix it all up in the blender!

Some protein powders have an awful chalky like taste to them but not shakeology it was so delicious!

You see these shakes are made to lose weight the healthy way with proper nutrition that's needed for our bodies along with exercise !

I get a great workout at curves and what better way to recover that unwind with a nice glass of shakeology shake!

I found these recipes on Pinterest and they were amazingly delicious!

Oh, whoops probably saying ok Kelli what flavors did you receive? I was sent chocolate and vanilla samples.

Pumpkin cheesecake smoothie:

Since Fall was approaching I was trying out all kinds of recipes and when I came across this recipe right here I couldn't wait to test it out!
In the recipe it calls for the vanilla shakeology powder and wow was it delicious!! 

I crumbled a graham cracker on top as well and boy was it good!

Samoa smoothie:
A smoothie with coconut and chocolate I am completely in love!
Tasted just like a Girl Scout cookie!
You can find the recipe here.
Recipe for Samoa Girl Scout shake

Almond joy smoothie:

This was one of my favorite candies growing up so when I was searching on Pinterest and came across this smoothie recipe I men I had to try it out!
Almond joy smoothie recipe

Chocolate cake batter smoothie:

I love a good cake batter flavor especially chocolate!
Great rich and creamy chocolate taste!
This smoothie was so good completely blown away by it!


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  2. Thanks for the tip but I know what I'm doing and knows what works for me . I've lost 94 pounds so no comments needed.


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