Element Bars Review!

Looking for a snack that is not only healthy packed with nutrients but keeps you fuller longer?

Especially when your on the go all day you need something to keep you going throughout the day, Element bars do just that.

Packed with all of the nutrients that our bodies need such as fruits and nuts.

I was sent two bars for review and couldn't wait to try them when they arrived!

You can actually make your own bar on their website too!

How cool is that!?

Banana repair:

Whoa, this bar was insanely delicious! To me it tasted like a banana chocolate chip muffin!

Good morning bar:

I brought this bar with me to work today for a snack to hold me over till lunch and I'm glad I did because this bar was so delicious! To me it tasted just like an oatmeal cookie with plump juicy raisins in it! 






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