Pierre's ice cream review!

Serving good quality ice cream since 1932!

Being Halloween and all I had to treat myself to something indulgent and sweet and what's better than Pierre's ice cream

That's right I was sent some of Pierre's ice cream for review and it showed up on Halloween!! Perfect Halloween gift to me! 

I was ecstatic when I opened the box whoa, creamy goodness and I couldn't wait to crack open a pint and try it! 

They have a wide assortment of flavors such as:

Pierre's hola! fruta:
(Premium all natural fruit sherbet)
Black cherry lemon
Piña colada:
Now I've tried a pineapple sherbet before but never piña colada and wow I'm glad I have because it's fruity, creamy, full of delicious flavor and you can blend it up in a smoothie!

Pomegranate blueberry

Pierre's yovation: frozen yogurt with probiotics 
Vanilla pomegranate blueberry

I was sent these yummy flavors listed below that I will share my take on each on in yummy detail!! 
Mocha mud pie:
This is by far the best mocha ice cream I have ever had! Tasted just like cake to me but better! Rich ice cream with chocolate cake pieces inside of this creamy delicious ice cream! Great mocha flavor and not too overpowering like some other mocha flavors are that I've tried. Not like your biting into a coffee bean at all!! 

Moose tracks:

Smooth creamy peanut butter in the cups all throughout the ice cream in every mouth watering bite!

Here's a photo of chocolate cherry chunk mixed with the moose tracks flavor! Just couldn't decide on one flavor, decisions decisions !

Butter pecan
Black cherries and chocolate chunks

Pierre's signature collection:
Mocha mud pie
Banana fudge chunk
Chocolate lava cake

Cherries and chocolate chunk:
Love the chunks of cherries with the decadent milky chocolate! Amazing flavor in every bite!
Coconut fudge almond
Nun better snicker doodle 
Exquisite vanilla 

Pierre's  premium ice cream:
Butter pecan:

Smooth buttery ice cream with crunchy pecans! So delicious and the best butter pecan I've ever had!!

Coconut fudge almond:
I absolutely loved this ice cream because it had an amazing coconut flavor with chunks of nuts and fudge ripples throughout the ice cream. 

Cookies and cream
Double fudge brownie
Pumpkin pie
Slam dunk chunk 
And more!!

Pierre's sorbet:
Passion fruit

Pierre's home style:
Dutch chocolate
Cookies and cream
Cherry vanilla
Peanut butter cup
And more!

They have a ton more flavors in each variety even sherbet !







  1. Don’t make the mistake of consuming meals with very little unhealthy calories and nutrients.

    Kopi Luwak

    1. Maybe you should actually take the time to read my blog and notice that I do in fact eat healthy and have lost 94 pounds! Ok, so next time you want to post something negative do it somewhere else and not on my blog!!! Thank you very much


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