Cosmos Creations: baked corn review!

What's your favorite food of choice when you go to the movies?

Mine is popcorn, there's just something about going to the movies and the taste of the buttery popcorn that I love.

We all know also that it's not healthy at all because of all the salt in it and it tends to make us thirstier because of the high sodium.

How they are different from popcorn:

No kernels!

Non GMO corn
Gluten free
No trans fats
No hulls
No kernels
All natural ingredients!

Today I will be reviewing these baked corn snacks from Cosmos Creations that I was sent for review!

They are made with all natural ingredients and the best part of all is that they aren't drenched in butter making them healthier alternatives for us movie goers! 

Win win!

The flavors I was sent are:

Sea Salt and Butter Flavor:

Tastes just like movie themed popcorn without all the oil from the butter! Has a bit of a sweetness to it too I packed some with my lunch and it was fantastic!

Salted Caramel:

I love caramel flavored corn and can't wait to try this one especially since it's Fall and caramel corn is sweet and perfect for a sweet tooth craving!

Caramel corn has got to be one of the greatest inventions ever made!

Cinnamon Crunch:

I absolutely love the sweet taste of cinnamon on popcorn it's delicious and tastes just like cinnamon toast crunch cereal !







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