Peanut Principle Review!

Looking for a delicious snack that's not only good for you but is full of protein, especially after an intense workout!?

Peanut butter is nutty, full of flavor and a great source of protein and comes in many flavors!

I used to not eat it for a while due to high fat content but if you eat it in moderation it's not so bad and it's a healthy fat.

Anyways let's get on with the review!

When I saw all of the yummy different peanut butters that Peanut Principle had to offer I just had to try them out!

Shannon and joe have been in the nut business for 15 years and they make their nut butters with the highest quality of ingredients.

Dry roasted and oh so delicious!

They have all sorts of flavors and they go along great with anything imaginable!

Works well with:
Rice cakes
As a frosting 
Fruits such as bananas and apples
And more!!

Totally psyched when I was sent some for review, they sent me these five flavors.

Razz it up:

I was looking for a snack to make after my workout from Curves gym and noticed I haven't opened this delicious raspberry peanut butter !

Thought to myself hmm this flavor would be great blended up along with some almond milk, yogurt and a frozen banana for a smoothie!

So I quickly grabbed the ingredients and tablespoon and scooped the peanut butter right into the blender and pressed the button and voila, in no time it was ready to be sipped on.

Loved the peanut butter with the raspberry swirled right in, it was super delicious and worked so well in the smoothie!

Honey I got the peanuts:

Jungle appeel:
 banana peanut butter would go great in a smoothie!

Almond the mood for coconut:

Chocolate Coconut almond butter 

Dashing through the dough:

Made an apple sandwich for a snack with this fantastic peanut butter it tastes just like cookie dough batter!! 

 creamy peanut butter with sweet honey! Worked great on cinnamon crunch rice cake for my snack today! 

Nutty flavors:

Beat me to the crunch: crunchy peanut butter
Sunflower power: sunflower peanut butter
Keeping it smooth
The other white treat: white chocolate peanut butter
The dark side of the peanut: dark chocolate peanut butter
Raisin the roof: cinnamon raisin peanut butter
Honey I got the peanuts:honey roasted peanut butter
C nut$ butter: chocolate chip and toffee cookie dough 
Razz it up chocolate raspberry
Going coco nuts
Very berry
I'm a sap for peanuts:maple peanut butter
And tons more!






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