Easy Peasy breakfast quiche

Growing up as
as a kid mom would always make a quiche packed with sharp cheddar cheese and sausage it was the perfect breakfast on a cold winters day.

Quiches are fluffy, flavorful, filling, easy to make and oh so delicious plus it's a meal in itself!

Quiches can be made with numerous ingredients or perfect as is with a dash of salt and pepper.
Or you can toss in vibrant vegetables for a pop of color.

I added in some diced peppers and tomatoes with sausage along with a smidgen of
of Plain kitehill non dairy Cream cheese.

It was So fluffy, so colorful, so flavorful, so creamy and oh so delicious!

Preheat oven to 350 

on a skillet coat the pan with a scant amount of butter or coconut oil.

Slice your veggies of choice and put them on skillet until tender i used onion, peppers and tomatoes

On another pan cook your sausage, ham or bacon whichever you prefer till golden brown

Crack six eggs into a bowl

Then whisk eggs

Pour in your chopped veggies and meat into pie dish season how you like it add some cheese then pop into the oven for 20-25 minutes

Slice and Enjoy!


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